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Martin Møller Værum

Product Manager

I have a BEng in Global Business Engineering and currently work as Commercial Product Manager for water systems at Kamstrup. My areas of expertise include data analytics and data communication in general, as well as pressure management and smart water solutions.

I make sure that our current products and services are being maintained, updated, and continue to meet customers’ demands. This means I get to cooperate with a lot of different branches within Kamstrup – salespeople, developers, and marketers. Furthermore, I have close ties with Kamstrup’s Business Development Team, aiding with the development and shaping of Kamstrup’s future products and services.

Perhaps most importantly, however, I work with our customers. Since I came to Kamstrup in 2017, I’ve been working intensely on gaining a deep and rich understanding of water utilities and how they operate and function –  their needs, their pains, their wants, and their wishes. I’ve spent a lot of days travelling, just to work with and for various utilities – sometimes getting my hands dirty too, laying pipe and installing meters. Ultimately, data comes from the “real” world and the results derived from data analysis have to be useful in real-life situations, if they are to have any kind of actual value.

I definitely have a strong entrepreneurial side, and I enjoy working in an agile and exploratory fashion, solving real problems for our customers – either by demonstrating how our existing solutions can help them tackle the challenges they face in new ways or by creating new products in collaboration. Finally, I like to challenge the mindset that some utilities have, convincing them that water loss isn’t something to be taken lightly – even if they have plenty of water anyway.

In my spare time I enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, and playing board games with friends and colleagues.