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Mads Wraa Hyttel

PhD. Product Manager – Sensors

At Kamstrup, I am the Product Manager for the flow and temperature sensor products used on thermal energy meters. Among other things, this includes being responsible for product strategy, launches of new products, and creating new knowledge within measurement of flow and temperature.

I dream about a world where we can heat or cool our homes without damaging the planet. District energy should be important part of the solution since it has a high energy efficiency and low carbon footprint. We therefore need to make district energy more competitive. As part of this I therefore work on ensuring even more accurate measurements of flow and temperature since this is one of the prerequisites for further improvements within district energy. I am always interested in establishing new collaborations, so please reach out to me if you have something that could be of mutual interest.

My educational background is an Industrial PhD in physics and materials science from Aarhus University and in total, I have worked more than 10 years in industry with research, product development and product management.