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Jeppe Hofni

Wireless Solution Engineer

I’ve been working as a wireless solution engineer for Kamstrup since 2017. My work is mainly focused on creating new wireless technology and protocols used in Kamstrup’s battery driven H.C.W. products. There are numerous challenges in creating competitive RF communication in energy constraint devices. These challenges frequently results in a need for new innovative solutions, which is my area of expertise.

My primary daily work involves researching, analysing and prototyping various theories and technologies, which may become the early basis of some of the technologies present in Kamstrup’s solutions. Even though my work is thoroughly analytical in nature, I also consider it genuinely creative, which I find quite satisfying. Our ideas and concepts often leads to new IP for Kamstrup.

The process of inventing new technology always involves bringing a lot of highly specialised, clever people together; I often find myself working as an communication liaison in this process. I enjoy working with people about as much as I enjoy working with exploratory technology, something that probably stems from my rather atypical engineering background – besides my BEng EE I also have a full degree in teaching Danish and history in primary school (Prof. Bach.) In addition to collaborating with people from the software and hardware teams, I also help train and mentor interns in my department.

I thoroughly enjoy working at Kamstrup, a green company, which enables my technology endeavours to have a positive influence on creating a better environment and helping others.