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Bjarne Sig Halkjær

Product Manager Heat/Cooling

Bjarne Sig Halkjær

I’m Head of Product Management for Kamstrup’s solutions, i.e. software tools, aimed at the heating and cooling industries. Although I didn’t become part of Kamstrup until 2018, I’ve spent almost 20 years working with the heating industry, and so I’ve come to have an extensive knowledge about the needs and challenges experienced in this field. I have a BEng in Global Business Engineering.

In my daily work, I’m responsible for making sure we continue to have and develop the right software product portfolios for the right markets and clients in the heating industry. I have to keep my finger on the pulse in terms of figuring out what’s needed, how we can help the industry to move forward, through solutions that are realistic and possible, while being innovative and pushing the limits too, and how these products ties in with our overall strategy.

I thoroughly enjoy working with great ideas and make them come to fruition. The process of moving from a concept, fashioning it into something concrete, and, most importantly, launching it and seeing it being used in practice is fun and meaningful to me. This means I get to collaborate with different branches within Kamstrup, salespeople and developers in particular, which is something I appreciate. Finally, it also motivates me to know that I’m working with projects that are capable of making actual differences for others, literally providing solutions to problems out there.