Unica supplies energy for 30 years

Hoog Catharijne, Nederlands

"With the system we have installed here, we can precisely control and monitor the heating and cooling."


Intelligent energy metering makes the difference at Hoog Catharijne. Kamstrup was commissioned by Unica Ecopower to supply energy and water meters for 180 shops and 60 apartments in the new Hoog Catharijne complex. The meters are used for smart energy and water readings, demand-driven supply of heating and cooling as well as individual metering. Unica has also called on Kamstrup for the intelligent reading and management of meter data.

Unica Ecopower is leading the way within smart energy solutions and innovations to make the built environment more sustainable. As an energy partner, the company from Hoevelaken helps customers achieve and operate zero-energy buildings with a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

Hoog Catharijne is one of the most prestigious construction projects in the Netherlands. Owner Corio Vastgoed Ontwikkeling is the initiator of the redevelopment. The construction work is carried out by BAM NHC. Retail property company Klépierre asked Unica to take over the operation of the thermal storage system.

Precise control and monitoring

Unica will be supplying renewable energy in Utrecht for 30 years. Peter Slot, Development and Realisation Manager, explains: "We are the operator responsible for producing, distributing and supplying the heating and cooling to the shops and apartments. With the system we have installed here, we can precisely monitor and control the heating and cooling. It will also contribute significantly to the CO2 reduction of the shopping centre."

The meters from Kamstrupplay a crucial role in this. The automated manufacturing processes in Denmark have the highest level of certification in terms of environmental safety and quality.

For the project at Hoog Catharijne, Kamstrup has made a big difference with its short lines of communication, wealth of expertise and ability to think along with its clients. Via direct contact with the Danish product developers, Kamstrup was able to quickly come up with a technically sound system.


A crucial aspect is how we can handle energy data here," explains Slot. "The data is collected centrally via a wireless system. We can view and process it for our billing. Systems from other manufacturers have not yet gotten that far. They can record but do not have the services we need here to manage and do billing individually."

Not only do Kamstrup account managers have a great deal of technical knowledge at hand, the technical experts in the office and the service department are also specialists in their field of intelligent energy and water metering.

In conclusion: 'The Kamstrup team is always available to answer questions in order to find solutions quickly. We have made a 30 years commitment to supply energy and water. The systems and people at Kamstrup help us deliver on that promise."


-60 MULTICAL® 402 heat meters with wireless M-Bus in the apartments
-60 MULTICAL® 21 domestic hot water meters with wireless M-Bus in the apartments
-37 MULTICAL® 602 heat meters with wireless M-Bus for the common areas
-180 MULTICAL® 602 heat meters for the shops, equipped with 2 wireless M-Bus communication modules and PQT limiter

Despite the size of the project, the location with a large amount of steel and concrete and the fact that reading is carried out in the vicinity of the railway station, only 3 READy concentrators are used for remote reading. Unica Ecopower relies on Kamstrup for hosting the automatic data collection software READy Manager.

"We have made a 30 years commitment to supply energy and water. The systems and people at Kamstrup help us deliver on that promise."

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