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A smart cooling meter solution for a premium residential project in Hyderabad

Integrated solution, Wired M-bus, Cooling meters

My Home Bhooja
My Home Bhooja

My Home Bhooja is a luxurious residential project spread across 18 acres, with 1,544 exclusive three- and four-bedroom flats located in the impressive HITEC City, Hyderabad. An iconic project standing 36 floors tall, it is one of the tallest residential towers and luxury apartments in Hyderabad. Built by My Home Constructions, My Home Bhooja is also rated IGBC Green Homes Pre-Certified Platinum.

My Home Constructions is part of the Hyderabad-based My Home Group, which specializes in construction and cement manufacturing, with a turnover of INR 3,000-crore (€ 337 million) in 2020. In the last 30 years, My Home has completed 17 residential and commercial projects spanning a total of nearly 25 million sq.ft. This includes about 5 million sq.ft of commercial space and 20 million sq.ft of residential buildings.

Getting the best quality cooling meter

Because My Home Bhooja was such a prestigious project, the developer required a globally renowned brand, capable of supplying high quality products and with a proven execution record in the residential space. Because the development anticipated several high-profile occupants, the cooling meters had to be best-in-class, durable and long-lasting.

After studying various options, the in-house design and technical team were only prepared to consider an MID certified brand. Following the success of a project called My Home Abhra, where Kamstrup meters were installed in approx. 350 apartments, the team decided to go ahead with the same company again. As a result, MULTICAL®403 and MULTICAL®602 cooling meters were installed in My Home Bhooja to measure and manage cooling energy consumption throughout the building.

Key features and benefits of the project

A unique, integrated solution

The project has several water-cooled chillers and provides centralized air cooling to each apartment. The developer decided that each apartment would be billed strictly according to the consumption of its cooling energy. To avoid multiple energy bills to each customer, the developer also opted for the cooling energy consumption data to be fed to the electric meters installed for each apartment. So, the challenge was to integrate Kamstrup meter data with third party electricity meters.

Thanks to the seamless integration capabilities of Kamstrup cooling meters, we were able to supply units with an M-bus pulse output module. This enabled the data from the cooling meters to integrate with the electrical meters, allowing for a single bill to be generated.

All cooling meters from Kamstrup adhere to EN 1434 standards, while the in-built data logger, longer battery life, and local after-sales and service support from Kamstrup made it a clear winner for this project.

A robust solution of split cooling meters

MULTICAL® 403 employs an ultrasonic measuring technique, as well as ASIC and microprocessor technology. A single-board construction comprises all calculating and flow measuring circuits. This makes the design compact and logical, with exceptionally high measuring accuracy. Both calculator and flow sensor include excellent condensation protection of the ultrasonic transducers. In addition, the meter electronics are safely located in the calculator housing, which makes the product very well suited for high-condensation environments.

MULTICAL® 603 is built to last and designed to perform. The calculator can be connected to our standalone flow sensor, ULTRAFLOW®, which ranges from DN15 to 300. ULTRAFLOW® uses microprocessor technology and ultrasonic measuring techniques to ensure long-term stability and accuracy. The Kamstrup MULTICAL® 603 cooling meter comes with in-built auto detect function, making it possible to connect it to the ULTRAFLOW® when required in your installation, without having to manually re-configure the calculator.

About the project

  • Name of the project: My Home Bhooja
  • Developer name: My Home constructions
  • Number of meters installed: 1,544
  • Kamstrup solution: MULTICAL®403, MULTICAL®603 with M-bus pulse output module
  • Timeframe: 2020-2021

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