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"We want to work with data indefinitely, transparently and securely. That's possible with READy."

Edwin Normann, Smart Energy Manager, Croonwolter&dros

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The challenge:

Minimising the number of types of meters and readings

The Smart Energy division of sustainable energy operator Croonwolter&dros has experienced rapid growth since 2018 and had to streamline the number of systems and partners to be able to work efficiently.

"With the increase in the number of projects, we also saw an increase in the number of heat meters and types of readings", explains Edwin Normann, Smart Energy Manager at Croonwolter&dros. "Different meter data from different companies, each in its own format and method. That is unworkable in practice. We wanted one preferred supplier to prevent a large growth in the number of systems."

Croonwolter&dros' second request was for a system with a more open data structure. Edwin Normann: "We receive data from other suppliers in the format they have available. You have what you have and that's that. But, we want to work with the data indefinitely without having to submit a request every time. That's possible with Kamstrup. With READy, Kamstrup has a transparent, reliable and secure data system. In brief, we needed uniformity and an open structure. We explored the market and found Kamstrup. Since then, two projects have now confirmed that this choice is the right one."

The solution:

READy is effective and cost effective

There are two projects where Croonwolter&dros have recently opted for Kamstrup's solutions to their satisfaction. Gizeh in Zeewolde, a new construction project with 49 homes. And, De Veste in Terneuzen with 244 new meters for hot tap water. Besides the installation of new smart meters, the READy remote meter reading system was chosen for both projects.
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With this effective solution, Croonwolter&dros now has quick and easy access to consumption data and the tools they need for analysing and optimising the distribution grid. Mobile remote reading is possible. But data is usually collected via a wireless or wired network with one or more concentrators. Therefore, Croonwolter&dros has direct access to reliable meter data that is securely stored in accordance with ISO 27001. It is transparent and safe and lets Croonwolter&dros use the data in preventing and tackling problems or making improvements.

Tackling problems quickly

Croonwolter&dros not only benefit from these advantages in their daily use, they were also able to solve a number of installation-technical problems based on the open structure of READy before the final completion of the Gizeh project. The project in the centre of Zeewolde involved the construction of a new apartment complex consisting of 33 homes and sixteen care units. The houses are completely gas-free and are heated with two central air source heat pumps.

"Things had not gone well in some apartments in the coordination between us and the installer of the floor heating', explains Normann. 'In some homes, the heating control did not work properly and in other homes there was a problem with the hot water control. Based on the data, we were able to quickly identify apartments without problems and to identify what problems occurred in which apartments. The data is so complete you can identify a problem in detail. Fortunately, we found the problems early so that we were able to prevent damage and costs and didn't have to bother the residents."

Several new projects where Croonwolter&dros has chosen Kamstrup are now in the pipeline. One of them involves apartments in Haarlem, Poort van Noord, 106 houses with a total of about 327 smart meters, where the installations are now made even more sustainable. Normann: "The meters will be replaced by smart meters and we will also switch to the READy system. This applies to all projects where we use Kamstrup meters. What can be better than that? That's asking a lot. Well, the location and number of concentrators varies per project. Which in itself is logical because the size and situation are always different. We are more than satisfied with Kamstrup's solutions, cooperation and service. Our choice was partly made on economic grounds and so far, it's turned out exactly that way."


"We are more than satisfied with Kamstrup's solutions, cooperation and service."

Edwin Normann, Smart Energy Manager, Croonwolter&dros

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