Meter data management (MDM)

A successful smart metering partnership secures stable power supply through demand side management.

A straight forward process

"We have great experience with Kamstrup’s Radio Mesh Network and their capable smart meters from this and other projects.”

Kamstrup's open and interoperable Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution integrates with Livewire’s Meter Data Management in order to deliver 30-minute energy profiles.

The total system enables the end customer to benefit from real time data and a detailed overview of the energy consumption. Apart from the obvious advantages like identifying electricity-guzzling appliances and the automatic managing of the complicated South African tariff system, the AMI is also the first step towards a true Smart Grid that will strengthen demand side management. A stable flow of information will contribute to stabilizing the energy supply and the billing to residential areas.

30 minute energy profiles

The customer will be able to view daily 30-minute energy profiles per residence unit or group of residences in ranking format. The system helps with accurate billing and cost allocation per residence and common areas.

“The task of integrating our MDM solution with Kamstrup’s head-end UtiliDriver was very straightforward. The system is hosted at our Data Centre in Cape Town and the performance is an impressive 100%. We have great experience with Kamstrup’s Radio Mesh Network and their capable smart meters from this and other projects.”

Attie van Jaarsveldt, Project Manager from Livewire Engineering and Consulting

The project was developed and implemented for Rand Aid by online energy information services company Station7 in Fourways, Johannesburg. The back-end integration was done by Kamstrup’s South African partner Livewire Engineering & Consulting in Cape Town. Implementation was done at a record speed of 6 weeks including integration between Livewire's Meter Data Management (MDM) system and Kamstrup's head-end UtiliDriver® as well as the delivery of a Kamstrup Radio Mesh Network, concentrators and single- and three phase smart meters.

Modderfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa

Customer: Rand Aid Luxury Retirement Village

Kamstrup partners:

  • Station 7
  • Livewire Engineering and Consulting

Project Smart Grid / AMI-solution:

  • Kamstrup UtiliDriver, Head End System
  • Kamstrup Radio Mesh Network
  • Single- and three phase smart meters
  • Livewire Meter Data Management-system

Timeframe: 2012