Individual metering reduces huge bills

Wireless BTU cooling meter solution for two office buildings in hot and humid Dubai

The property management of SIT Tower and Al Barsha Business Point was struggling with enormous cooling bills due to lack of individual metering in the two office buildings. On behalf of the property management, Endeavour Electro-Mechanical was searching for a wireless BTU cooling meter solution. Their clear choice was Kamstrup due to the company’s state-of-the-art BTU cooling meters that offer ultrasonic measuring with pinpoint accuracy at a low cost and with a minimum of maintenance.

Efficient and reliable remote meter reading
Two office buildings had to go through a retrofitting process, which included the implementation of individual metering. The consultants faced a significant challenge
with the existing pipes and building materials because they could not be changed or removed. As a result, it was important to Endeavour Electro-Mechanical to go for a smart wireless solution.

’’We wanted to go for user-friendly products and solutions, easy installation, low investment and low operational expenses. This full package made us go for Kamstrup as a supplier’’ 

Srinivas Nannapaneni, Managing Director, Endeavour Electro-Mechanical.

More projects ahead

The new BTU cooling meters were installed in 2014 and Endeavour Electro-Mechanical are pleased with how the project was run as well as with the performance of the metering solution.

According to Mr. Nannapaneni, no problems have occurred with the meters or the system since the installation and today, meter reading is not only accurate but also easy and fast.

One of the reasons for this is the support and training from Kamstrup, given to the landlord and his staff, says Mr. Nannapaneni. The wireless solution with a USB Meter Reader has been such a big success, Endeavour Electro-Mechanical are therefore expecting to go for the same solution for future projects in Dubai.

’’The property management used to spend huge amounts of money on bills because there was no individual metering in the buildings. Now each tenant is billed and charged based on their exact consumption. Previously, they did not have any control of the energy usage and the network’’ 

Srinivas Nannapaneni, Managing Director, Endeavour Electro-Mechanical.

About the project

Wireless BTU cooling meters with USB Meter

Endeavour Electro-Mechanical on behalf of
SIT Tower and Al Barsha Business Point

Metering points:

Meters were installed in 2014

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