Data reliability
Energy efficiency

Successful energy renovation with reliable data

Roskilde University, Denmark

A large-scale energy renovation enables Roskilde University to reduce their annual energy consumption with 27% and obtain energy savings of EUR 650.000 a year. Kamstrup’s intelligent heat and water meters are part of the project.

In 2013, Roskilde University (RUC) decided to conduct a comprehensive energy renovation of the university’s 77,800 m2 campus. This resulted in a cooperation with Siemens on the largest Danish state ESCO project.

An analysis conducted by Siemens estimated a potential reduction of RUC’s annual energy consumption by 27%, a saving of 650.000 EUR a year. The renovation included technical installations such as the optimisation of district heating systems, plumbing, ventilation, lighting and a large solar power plant.
Precise data forms the basis
Kamstrup was chosen to deliver new, intelligent heat and water meters. For Siemens, who has to guarantee savings through a five year period, the installation of high-quality meters was important; meters that they could trust.
“The accuracy of the meters and the detailed insight into the energy consumption that they provide is very important to us. If the data is not accurate, we risk making wrong decisions,” says Kim Enevoldsen, Enterprise Sales Executive at Siemens.
“We had no doubt that Kamstrup was the right partner. Since we have to guarantee energy savings to Roskilde University, our credibility is at stake, and we can take no risks. We vouch for the total solution.”

With intelligent meters from Kamstrup, Siemens is able to monitor the energy consumption on a weekly basis and ensure that the consumption is as expected. Based on the accurate data, they can easily identify any irregularities, take required action and initiate optimisation where the gain is greatest.

“It was also important to us that the metering solution could easily be integrated with our own solutions and that we can draw on specialist knowledge and support if needed. All of this is possible with Kamstrup.”

- Kim Enevoldsen, Enterprise Sales Executive at Siemens

Insight enables intelligent decisions

Insight enables intelligent decisions
RUC has previously experienced problems with 
the district heating installations in their buildings. The pipes were leaking and with just a single main supply meter for all of the 33 buildings of the university, the insight into consumption was limited.

The new decentralised heat and water meters in every building provide unique insight into the consumption of the individual buildings. RUC can now easily monitor and manage the buildings’ performance and compare the consumption of the different buildings. 
They even have the possibility of turning off the consumption during the summer, where the need for heat and heating of water is low due to the weather.
Beneficial to society as well
Based on Siemens’ assessments, the invested amount of EUR 9.5 million is expected to be repaid within 14.5 years and RUC can be proud to be one of the lowest energy consuming Danish universities without having to make a large, financial investment themselves.

As a bonus, the solution contributes to the creation of green jobs and reaching the ambitious climate goals, as the project is expected to lower RUC’s CO² emissions by around 1,050 tons a year. In this way, the project benefits both the environment, the university’s energy bill and society in general.

About the project:

Customer: Roskilde University (RUC)
Metering points: 120 (Heat and water meters)
Installation and meter reading of data: Siemens
Timeframe: The ESCO project was implemented
throughout 2015-2016.