Smart meters and AMR system

significantly reduce meter reading time

Working for energy efficiency and water conservation

Remote meter reading

We rely on our smartphones everyday to help us stay informed, connected, and entertained. Now, your smartphone or tablet can also help you get your job done.

Inspired by better

A pioneer of technology

Kamstrup has manufactured meters for 70 years. For 24 of those years, we have manufactured ultrasonic smart meters. We have more experience manufacturing smart meters than any other meter manufacturer in the US water utility market.

"Kamstrup supports our digital approach"

"In addition to easy wireless reading and access to historical values, the water meter guarantees a higher level of customer satisfaction due to increased accuracy."

Hans Hümmer, director at Juragruppe water company, Germany

Heading for Olympic Gold

Dedication and a high energy level is the recipe for the success of the two young sailing women, Ida Nielsen and Marie Olsen. Already European champions, they are now preparing for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. 

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