Maximize Revenue and Resources

Unlock Success with Kamstrup’s Future-Ready Ultrasonic Meters

There’s a reason our Ultrasonic Meters boast more installations than those of our competitors. Choosing Kamstrup means investing in technology that not only meets your present needs – our solutions anticipate tomorrow’s demands and spare you the expense and hassle of outdated systems.

Three utility workers with tools observing a service line leak

Our Advanced Smart Water Solutions Help You 

Improve Financial Outcomes

Because life happens at an ⅛ of a gallon, Kamstrup meters offer ultra-low-flow measurement, ensuring that no amount of use goes undetected. This type of accuracy and precise measurement sensitivity, adds up over time. Plus, with solid-state durability and 20-year life expectancy, Kamstrup meters offer reliable, durable revenue.

Reduce Risk & Ease Operations

In an industry taught to manage and react, Kamstrup offers tools to improve efficiencies and reduce operating expenses. Whether you realize the savings that come from switching to our reliable AMI network, or deploying acoustic leak detection to stop the cycle of non-revenue water loss, or even controlling NRW to the point where your operational expenses drop. There are multiple ways to save. Where would you like to begin?

Enhance Sustainability

For nearly 80 years, Kamstrup has been at the forefront of water conservation. We manufacture the only meter that listens to water – ensuring it can be conserved, optimized, and understood. Kamstrup smart metering solutions equip and empower utilities and communities, alike, to realize the value of water and setting the path to a sustainable future. How far ahead would you like to go?

Improve Customer & Consumer Satisfaction

Water is many things to many people – it’s universal, communal and personal all at once. That’s why Kamstrup products and solutions support integrity and data-driven objectivity. From meters that ensure billing accuracy and precision, to products that offer easy interoperability and software that empowers customer service teams to do what they do best: inform, answer, and help.

Reversing Water Loss in a Rural Municipality

Not long ago, the city of Oneida, TN was facing an overwhelming water management challenge. Like many rural municipalities with limited resources and aging infrastructure, Oneida was experiencing high water loss. But, with a new meter and a smart strategy, Oneida quickly turned their situation from concern to acclaim. 

The AMI Water Meter that Modernized Madison County

Challenged by increased demand, a growing customer base and a system that was administered by the city, Madison County decided it was time to transition to an AMI water meter solution.