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The Housing & Development Board Singapore (HDB) is in charge of the construction and management of public housing districts. Kamstrup’s electricity metering solution improves energy efficiency through easy reading and visualisation of consumption data.

Customized Metering Solution

In Singapore, 90% of all households live in accommodations supplied by the government, each equipped with an electricity meter for billing. However, Singapore lacked proper metering of large power consuming units in public areas such elevators, water pumps and illuminations, thus making it difficult for the HDB to monitor and regulate the consumption. In order to better save energy and monitor the electricity consumption in public areas, HDB decided to introduce a smart grid system to Singapore’s residential districts. The project was put out to tender at the end of 2013, and it was won by Power Automation, a local system integration company, who integrates Kamstrup’s 3 phase generation M meters into their system. Construction and installation began in the beginning of 2014. By mid 2014, the project began testing the system and it was put into official operation by fall. So far, the system has operated smoothly, and received unanimous praise from HDB who can now collect

the much needed data on operations and electricity consumption to help them reach their goal of saving more energy. The project includes installations in 2 public housing districts.
Each community consists of 30-50 buildings with 4-6 meters in each. In total, about 500 sets of Kamstrup’s 3 phase electricity meters are installed. Based on the success of this project, HDB will continue to roll out the meters and system to include 10 residential areas altogether.

A highly efficient and accurate solution for electricity metering facilitates the development of Singapore’s energy management and environmental protection

One of things that HDB is most satisfied with is how the meters and the system complement each other to read, visualize and display the consumption data from public areas. HDB can easily and visually read and analyze the data on electricity consumption in different time periods and take action to save

energy accordingly. The solution was customized for HDB, and before this, there were no systems that were able to collect data on electricity consumption in public areas. “The main reason why the client chose us is that we provide a complete service package in our solution for system integration, which facilitates the data reading and enables comprehensive monitoring and management of electricity consumption in public sectors”. The advantage of Kamstrup’s 3 phase electricity meters lies in the ease with which they could be integrated into the solution, where API modules enable accurate reading of data.

As a part of the government, HDB launches and promotes various campaigns to better serve Singapore’s public, such as improving public housing, limiting energy consumption and improving environmental protection. This project is an example of their efforts resulting in large cost savings every year and also saving energy for the good of the environment.

“The main reason why the client chose us is that we provide a complete service package in our solution for system integration, which facilitates the data reading and enables comprehensive monitoring and management of electricity consumption in public sectors”

Power Automation

About Power Automation (PA), a joint venture company between Singapore Power and Siemens was formed in June 1996 to pursue dynamic opportunities in power system control and substation automation markets in Southeast Asia.
Power Automation mission is to be a leading system integrator and turnkey vendor providing innovative solutions for Power System Control and Substation Automation systems leading to total customer satisfaction. We intend to achieve this by carrying out our duties with pride, dedication and integrity. To do our utmost to understand and respond to customers needs by

providing prompt, reliable and efficient services at competitive price. To recognize the contributions from our suppliers and together, work towards mutually beneficial relationships.

About HDB
Housing & Development Board Singapore (HDB for short) is Singapore’s public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. HDB plans and develops public housing towns that provide Singaporeans with quality homes and living environments. In this effort, HDB engages in active research and development work to ensure that cost-effectiveness and quality standards are maintained and continually improved upon. 

About Kamstrup
Kamstrup provides energy companies, supply companies and housing associations with innovative meter solutions within electricity, heating, cooling and water. Our solutions include smart grid applications, intelligent meter solutions and consumer meters. Kamstrup’s energy and water meters are installed in buildings all over the world and ensure correct calculations and an effective use of energy. Kamstrup was founded in 1946 and is today an international company with offices in 24 countries and distributors in more than 60 countries.

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