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Discovery Gardens is Kamstrup’s largest project in the Middle East with thermal disconnection and retrofitting and a perfect example where district cooling meets submetering needs. 

facade of Discovery Gardens building located in Jebel Ali in UAE
facade of Discovery Gardens building located in Jebel Ali in UAE

The customer wanted to bill the tenants based on their actual cooling consumption instead of traditional rented area basis. They were looking for a solution that can help reduce the operational cost and provide better customer service to their tenants and therefore selected a smart metering solution from Kamstrup.

Discovery Gardens is a residential community located between Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road in Jebel Ali in UAE. Covering an area of over 26 million square feet, the project was completed in 2008 by master developer Nakheel. The community features spacious multi-sized apartment blocks surrounded by lush foliage, manicured lawns and desert blooms. The 41 buildings in Discovery Gardens are clustered based on six ‘garden living’ themes. Emirates District Cooling LLC (Emicool) is the cooling service provider for the entire property and is the direct customer for Kamstrup.

Finding the most effective solution

One of the major challenges was providing fair meter reading and billing as per cooling energy consumption for over 2500 connections, as there are many apartments that are unoccupied or remain vacant for a large part of the year. Moreover, operations and maintenance, and field service for such a large property was a tedious task if everything was supposed to be done manually. Therefore, in March 2019, Emicool chose Kamstrup’s smart metering solution that creates value throughout the cooling supply chain. The ultrasonic smart meters provide accurate meter data for billing and the automatic meter reading system has enabled operational efficiency as there is no need to go to each meter to take readings manually. Thereby the daily operations and maintenance costs are reduced. The thermal disconnect feature in the meters helps control the inlet flow to empty buildings without physical access, thereby minimizing waste of valuable cooling to empty buildings or apartments.

Key features and benefits of the project

The solution that meets all needs

The compact and flexible BTU meter – MULTICAL® 403 delivers a compact and rational design in addition to an exceptionally high level of measuring accuracy and reliability. Both the calculator and Flow sensor are equipped with excellent condensation protection of the meter electronics, which makes the product very well suited for condensation environments. Coupled with the Thermal Disconnect feature, that enables remote cut-off of the flow for e.g. energy saving, maintenance or as a result of leakage detection, makes it even more valuable solution for the project. Instead of having to access the installation physically, the intelligent Thermal Disconnect feature allows you to remotely control the valve and thereby cut-off flow, when required.

Automatic meter reading - The meters are embedded with the wired M-bus communication module that makes remote reading of all the meters quick and easy. Initially they started meter reading with USB meter reader, which is compact and fits comfortably in a pocket even with the power pack, making it easy to transport when taking meter readings. Within seconds, consumption readings are received and this data is easily transferred to a PC. But due to the limitation of number of meters being read with the device, they have now switched to Kamstrup’s READy Manager. The READy system can easily be adjusted to meet different needs and it can be expanded as your needs change. You get fast and easy access to consumption data and the system gives you access to tools for analyzing and optimizing your distribution network.

Win-Win - Satisfied customers and tenants

With an effective solution for remote meter reading of intelligent BTU meters, you get fast and easy access to consumption data. Your system can give you access to tools for analyzing and optimizing your distribution network. The customer is very satisfied with the system performance and the local sales and support provided by Kamstrup. Now there is no need to send a technician to the site to perform activities. Everything can be done remotely, thereby reducing overall operations cost. The tenants are happy with the swift service provided by the operator and the transparency in meter reading and billing. Kamstrup’s smart metering solution has provided a highly satisfactory experience for the cooling energy and service provider, Emicool as well as the property owner, Nakheel properties.

About the project

  • Name of the project: Discovery Gardens
  • Customer Name: Emicool District Cooling LLC
  • Name of property owner: Nakheel properties
  • Number of metering points: 2,520
  • Kamstrup solution: MULTICAL®403 with Thermal Disconnect and wired M-bus communication, M-bus master, READy remote reading solution
  • Timeframe: 6 months

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