Water is in short supply in many cities all over India. By installing smart meters, the customers now have access to water 24 hours a day

Effective water management

Four hundred fifty water meters have successfully been installed in the city of Kapil Gram Panchayat, 300 kilometers southeast of Mumbai. The city has a population of 5000 people and becomes the first city in India to get ultrasonic waters meters installed.

Before getting a Kamstrup meter the consumer was charged at bulk rate. There were no limitations on how much water could be consumed and how much to waste. By adding a metering system, consumers are now aware that it is better to consume less and pay less. In other words they save costs that directly impact their pocket.

Kapil Gram Panchayat decided to install AMR water meters for effective water management. With the project now running, the expectations are high, says Mr. S. K. Bhopale, Sectional Engineer, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran.

- To recover project implementation cost, we needed to issue water bills to all on monthly basis. And most important is the bill, which should be based on actual usage of each consumer. That’s why we installed Kamstrup AMR ultrasonic domestic water meters, says Mr. S. K. Bhopale.

Economical win-win
The system has successfully been installed with a hand-held drive-by solution.
The water meters log daily consumption data and events such as leak, tamper and reverse flow for 460 days and monthly data for 36 months.

Due to a small council, Maharashtra state water supply does not have trained staff for meter reading activity. Therefore, Kamstrup will provide practical training for local Council Staff. The training will teach staff how to read meters using USB Meter Reader, transfer data to local computer by using reading software, export reading data to their billing software and prepare bills on monthly basis for individual consumer.
‘’The system definitely delivers as expected. By using ultrasonic meters we will get accuracy and be able to save water. That awareness goes to the consumer. What we deliver, that will be counted. The economy issue is therefore important for us and the consumer. Kamstrup gives us awareness to new technology and helps us achieve efficiency at the water plant and reduce non-revenue water. "

- Mr. B. K. Wankhede

"By getting a Kamstrup water meter, consumers  experience tangible improvement of their daily life. During bulk supply, consumers had to wait from 6AM till night, not knowing when the water will come or how much there will be. This was always unknown. Now consumers don’t need to store their water and don’t need to waste water."

- Mr. K. R. Otari, Sub Div. Engineer at Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran.