Söderhamn Nära saves customers from water damage

“Acoustic leak detection helped us identify leaks from day one.”

– Henrik Inancsi, Meter Manager at Söderhamn Nära

The Challenge:

Illusive pipe leaks lead to damage and water loss

Each year, 400,000 m3 of water disappears on its way to Söderhamn Nära’s customers – that’s a water loss of 20%. Finding leaks was a costly, time-consuming hit-and-miss effort, taking anywhere from days to years. Once engineers suspected a leak, they would go from valve to valve to listen for it, shutting off areas one by one to verify their assumptions.

Areas with plastic pipes are particularly problematic. “You can’t hear the leak with our traditional equipment so unless it comes up to the surface, it’s almost impossible to find,” says Henrik Inancsi, Meter Manager at Söderhamn Nära.

The solution:

Acoustic leak detection accurately traces each leak

Today, Söderhamn Nära AB uses flowIQ® 2200 smart meters combined with the Leak Detector analytics tool to identify and verify potential leaks. The smart metering solution with acoustic leak detection enables targeted detection efforts at specific locations, ensuring efficient use of resources. So far, they have found more than 100 leaks in service connections or inside homes and properties in Söderhamn alone.

“Not only do we help prevent potential property damage from a long-lasting leak, but our customers also avoid paying for water they don’t use. This makes for great customer relationships, which is so important to us.”

– Henrik Inancsi, Meter Manager for Söderhamn Nära AB

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Locate leaks in service connections and distribution mains based on acoustic noise data.

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