Emicool and Kamstrup Forge Strong Partnership to Drive Innovation in Cooling Meter Technology

July 14, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the signing of an official partnership contract with Emicool, the leading district cooling service provider in the UAE. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our longstanding collaboration and sets the stage for groundbreaking advancements in cooling meter technology.

Emirates District Cooling LLC (Emicool) is renowned for its exceptional district cooling services, commanding a 30% market share in the UAE. With an impressive refrigeration (TR) capacity of 355,000 tons, Emicool currently serves approximately 42,000 satisfied customers. Through this partnership, Emicool aims to solidify its position as an industry leader, with a projected capacity to energize over 500,000 TRs in the next five years.

"Emicool is happy to announce the strategic partnership with Kamstrup, as the Company embarks on a transformative journey to revolutionize cooling meter technology," 

 Dr. Adib Moubadder, Chief Executive Officer, Emicool

"This collaboration represents a significant milestone in Emicool’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance energy efficiency and sustainability in the cooling sector. With Emicool's deep expertise in district cooling solutions and Kamstrup's global leadership in intelligent metering solutions, this partnership is set to redefine the landscape of cooling meter technology. By combining our strengths, we aim to accelerate innovation and pave the way for more intelligent, precise, and environmentally friendly cooling measurement systems” said Dr. Adib Moubadder, Chief Executive Officer, Emicool. 

Kamstrup has been working closely with Emicool since 2008, collaborating successfully on numerous commercial, residential, and mixed development projects. This partnership has extended to many prestigious projects such as Dubai Investment Park, Discovery Gardens, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Motor City, Dubai Cultural Village, and Dubai Mirdif Uptown, where we have supplied our intelligent cooling meters, MULTICAL® 403 and MULTICAL® 603. One of the key challenges identified through Emicool's customers was managing cooling energy in vacant spaces/buildings and intermittent usage. Kamstrup's smart cooling meters feature a unique thermal disconnect function, enabling efficient and effective cooling energy management. This innovation reduces the load on the chiller management system, allowing Emicool to capitalize on their resources, save time and manual effort, and provide customers with the most cost-effective cooling solution.

"We are thrilled to elevate our cooperation with Emicool through the signing of this partnership contract. Our longstanding relationship with Emicool has contributed to our growing presence in the Middle Eastern cooling market. Kamstrup takes pride in offering products and solutions that play a vital role in sustainable energy management. We are excited to collaborate with Emicool to support the United Nations 2030 agenda and work towards achieving the net-zero goal by 2050," said Rehmat Qadri, Regional Manager - Middle East, Kamstrup.

Having served over 25,000 cooling customers together over the course of 15 years, Emicool and Kamstrup have decided to extend their partnership with a new five-year agreement. This act signifies not only Emicool's commitment to their shared vision but also their belief in the potential of their combined efforts. The collaboration aims to ensure consistent customer experiences and enhanced agility through local support during all project stages and after-sales assistance.

"We are delighted to acknowledge the enduring and fruitful partnership between Emicool and Kamstrup, a relationship that has spanned many years and has been instrumental in the evolution of cooling meter technology. Emicool's unwavering commitment and contributions have played a pivotal role in the advancement of this field. We are truly grateful for Emicool's trust and partnership, and we look forward to continuing our journey together, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in cooling meter technology," expressed Richard Stahl, Vice President – Sales, Kamstrup.

The Emicool and Kamstrup partnership sets the stage for further innovation in the cooling industry and reinforces their shared commitment to delivering sustainable and efficient solutions. With their combined expertise, Emicool and Kamstrup are poised to drive positive change and shape the future of cooling technology.

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