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10 maart 2017

Reactie op onderzoek dat aantoont dat elektriciteitsmeters onnauwkeurig kunnen meten

De vraag of statische elektriciteitsmeters nauwkeurige metingen opleveren is momenteel een hot item in de Nederlandse, Noorse en Deense media. De kwestie kwam in de belangstelling na een onderzoek van een Nederlandse universiteit, waarin elektriciteitsmeters van verschillende fabrikanten zijn getest.

20 februari 2017

Kamstrup and Optiqua in strategic partnership

Kamstrup and Optiqua Technologies today announced their collaboration to bring Optiqua’s intelligent water quality monitoring solutions, in particular EventLab, to the Scandinavian, German and Polish markets.

15 februari 2017

Telefónica, Huawei and Kamstrup launch in Chile

Telefónica, Huawei and Kamstrup have successfully deployed their first project with real user’s data using NarrowBand IoT technology (NB-IoT).

9 januari 2017

Deens energiebedrijf digitaliseert stadsverwarming

Energiebedrijf Stadsverwarming Aalborg heeft bekend gemaakt een innovatief contract te hebben getekend voor de digitalisatie van stadsverwarming.

12 januari 2017

Flexible smart prepayment solution for Ghana

Collaborating with NURI Telecom, Kamstrup is set to deliver OMNIPOWER® smart meters with an online STS prepayment solution to Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

15 november 2016

The Fast Track to Climate ROI

When COP22 calls for action, Kamstrup calls for intelligent utility networks that enable us to go further and faster with the available climate funding. We move forward in close partnership with innovative utilities, cutting-edge technology companies and well-established clean-tech organisations, with a dedication to create the future, data-driven solutions.

15 november 2016

Kamstrup and Silver Spring Networks in partnership

Silver Spring Networks Broadens Smart Utilities Ecosystem Through New Development Agreement with Kamstrup

26 oktober 2016

Kamstrup and TaKaDu in partnership

Kamstrup and TaKaDu have announced a strategic partnership to offer an intelligent water management solution to water utilities worldwide. Kamstrup’s intelligent water meter and sensor solutions will be combined with TaKaDu’s IoT event management software to boost efficiency in water utilities.

18 October 2016

Be inspired by the latest trends in front-end style guides with Anna Debenham

We have invited Anna Debenham, one of the world’s leading experts in front-end style guides, to share her experience and advice on how to build useful style guides and how to keep it fresh and maintained over time. The event is taking place November 11 and is free for all.

20 September 2016

AquaGlobe – New center for innovation and communication

The Danish city Skanderborg will be home to a new center for innovation and communication for the Danish water industry. It will serve to promote sales and export of Danish water technology, among others. Skanderborg Supply Company has initiated the project together with three leading companies within water technology: Grundfos, Kamstrup and AVK.

5 september 2016

Norwegian alliance chooses Kamstrup as smart water metering partner

In Norway, five municipalities have made a common investment in about 14,000 intelligent water meters and a remote reading system. They chose the Danish company Kamstrup, a world leader within intelligent metering solutions for energy and water, as supplier.

25 augustus 2016

Denmark’s ambassadors pay a visit to Kamstrup

On Tuesday, august 23rd, a delegation of close to 40 Danish ambassadors visited the clean-tech company, Kamstrup in Denmark.

14 juli 2016

Swedish utility chooses Kamstrup as its new smart metering partner

Smart metering solutions provider Kamstrup will be supplying 27,000 intelligent electricity meters to Swedish utility Västerbergslagens Elnät AB over the next three years.

23 juni 2016

Kamstrup wint grote opdracht voor intelligente watermeters in België

Kamstrup, de Deense leverancier van meetoplossingen, heeft een contract in de wacht gesleept voor de levering van circa 193.000 intelligente watermeters voor de stad Antwerpen.

7 juni 2016

Kamstrup expands again with new technology wing

Technology company Kamstrup continues to outgrow its headquarters in Stilling, Denmark, as it inaugurated its fourth extension since 2012 last week.

14 april 2016

New compact thermal energy meter

The new MULTICAL® 403 is the most flexible meter on the market

7 april 2016

Danish Water Technology Alliance kicks off in California

The "Water - More For Less" conference in San Francisco on Monday, April 4 will see Kamstrup share its smart water meter solutions with US decision makers.

31 maart 2016

Yet another record-breaking year as Kamstrup drives forward

Annual Report 2015

22 maart 2016

Kamstrup to present water solutions at the White House

White House Water Summit brings focus to water resource challenges

17 februari 2016

Kamstrup joins alliance to tackle California drought

Kamstrup has partnered with a group of leading Danish water and clean tech companies to develop and tailor advanced water solutions that can help drought-hit California.

3 februari 2016

Kamstrup wins first order in Iran

The order of 6,000 intelligent water meters comes just over two weeks after the EU lifted sanctions against the Middle Eastern nation.

25 januari 2016

Office opening in Turkey

Kamstrup opens a new local subsidiary in Istanbul to provide better support and to be closer to our Turkish customers and partners.

3 december 2015

Yet another large Norwegian order to Kamstrup

The three Norwegian energy companies Fredrikstad Nett, Follo netværk and Askøy Online, who have joined forces in Fredrikstad Energi AS, have selected Kamstrup as the supplier of a smart metering solution including 85,000 remotely read electricity meters.

29 oktober 2015

Kamstrup introduces new solution for monitoring flow and pressure in the distribution network

Kamstrup’s latest smart metering solution consists of three new products that unlock new possibilities for collecting and processing data on consumption, pressure and water loss in the distribution network.

28 september 2015

New partnership with Itron

As a result of Kamstrup’s strategy to increase flexibility and interoperability within smart metering in Austria, Kamstrup and Itron have developed an alliance centered upon energy metering.

24 september 2015

100,000 smart meters to Norwegian alliance

AMS Nord, an alliance of six power utilities in Troms and Finnmark, has chosen Kamstrup as the supplier of 100,000 smart electricity meters. Installation of the meters will begin in 2016 continue for two years.

7 augustus 2015

Kamstrup wins order for Norwegian consortium

Four Norwegian power utilities have come together to purchase a smart metering solution from Kamstrup. The order includes more than 50,000 meters and means that in the future, the utilities will have far more rational operations.

26 juni 2015

Kamstrup joins NCE Smart Energy Markets

Kamstrup believes there is a lot of potential in the partnership agreement with international industry cluster NCE Smart Energy Markets, made up of 41 public and private companies.

22 mei 2015

Revolutionising remote meter reading

Kamstrup's new flexible network solution makes it even easier for utilities and housing associations to choose remote meter reading and offer extra services like faster leak detection to their customers.

12 mei 2015

150,000 smart meters to Norwegian consortium

Norwegian Smart Strøm Nordvest, a consortium of ten power utilities in Møre and Romsdal, has chosen Kamstrup as the system supplier of 150,000 electricity meters. Roll out of the smart meters will start in 2016, and continue for two years.

29 april 2015

Kamstrup wins tender of smart meters in Northern Cyprus

The energy company in Northern Cyprus, KIB-TEK, has chosen Kamstrup as supplier of 36.000 smart electricity meters.The smart meter project is the first of its kind in Northern Cyprus.

13 april 2015


New types of sustainable houses have emerged in Santiago.

26 maart 2015

DONG chooses Kamstrup

Kamstrup wins smart metering order for 1 mio. Danish homes

25 maart 2015

Annual Report for 2014

2014 was another record-breaking year for Kamstrup


Samenwerking in slim meten

Powel en Kamstrup breiden hun samenwerking uit om aan de nieuwste industrietrend te voldoen


Overname softwarebedrijf

Kamstrup neemt de zaken van softwarebedrijf Saseco over


Verkoop gasdivisie

Kamstrup verkoopt haar gasdivisie


Toename in verkoop

Kamstrup vergroot marktaandeel in 2013


Uitrol slimme meters

Kamstrup ondersteunt de groene overgang in Denemarken


Watermeter doorstaat de test

Slimme watermeter van Kamstrup doorstaat de Zuid-Afrikaanse SABS-test


Nieuwe warmte- en koudemeter

Innovatieve warmte- en koudemeter ontworpen voor submetering


Kamstrup betreedt de VS

Waterverlies verslaan met slimme watermeting


Smart Grid Partnership

Kamstrup and Tekla collaborate


Slim meten, Oostenrijk

Kamstrup vergroot zijn activiteiten in Oostenrijk voor nieuwe zaken met slimme meters


Slim netwerk, Finland

Alomvattend systeem op Åland


150.000 meters voor Enexis

Kamstrup leverde Enexis de 150.000ste slimme meter


Kamstrup in Chili

Kamstrup opent nieuwe vestiging in Chili


Samenwerking met Elster

Een tweede bron leveren voor slimme meters van de volgende generatie


Kamstrup in Zuid-Afrika

Slimme meting naar Afrika


Eerste order getekend

Order getekend voor smart gridtechnologie in Denemarken


Kamstrup sluit zich bij iPower aan

Kamstrup heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat ze samen met iPower onderzoek zullen doen naar Smart Grid


Energy Monitoring System

Kamstrup and GridManager Partnering up

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