Mölndal Energi Nät chooses Kamstrup to overcome future challenges

June 8, 2022

Kamstrup has won a public procedure, demonstrating that Mölndal Energi Nät – together with its partners Telia and OneCo – have confidence in Kamstrup to supply a complete system for smart electricity metering, including the replacement of meters during 2023 and 2024.

“Kamstrup and the Kamstrup OMNIA® e-meter meet our requirements with excellence. The e-meter and accompanying IT solution give us a high degree of accessibility to metering data and alerts. In turn, this helps provide good prerequisites for building a ‘smart’ electricity grid, and provides us with new insight into our electricity grid and future-proofs it at the same time. We’ve had a good relationship with Kamstrup already, and they are a reliable, serious supplier, so it feels good to be partnering with them in this project,” says Fredrik Lundmark, Electricity Grid Manager and Vice President, Mölndal Energi Nät.

“The crucial aspect of this project is to have good communications with our electricity grid customers, and now that we’ve entered into this agreement, we look forward to partnering with Kamstrup to see how we can implement the replacement process as simply and smoothly as possible,” Fredrik Lundmark adds.

In the neighbouring municipality, Göteborg Energi has previously entered into an agreement with Kamstrup concerning a similar system solution using the latest generation of smart meters and communications. The solution meets pending national requirements and provides scope for streamlining operations and monitoring the electricity grid, which supports decisions on where to intervene with maintenance.

“We and our partners look forward to the project and are convinced that Kamstrup’s future-proofed solution and widespread presence in Sweden will be a big help for Mölndal Energi Nät in the large-scale energy transformation currently in progress,” states Mikael Bosticco, Senior Business Development Executive, Kamstrup.

“Currently the availability of components for Kamstrup’s OMNIA® e-meter looks very good, so despite the general market situation, the prospects for implementing the Mölndal project look bright,” Mikael Bosticco says.

Smart, reliable meters will increasingly be the key to smarter monitoring of the current state of and load on low-voltage mains. Meter data provides insight into the actual real-time consumption of electricity, and will provide a more reliable basis on which to plan than the meters we’re currently using. It will lessen investment risks and help minimise emergency repairs. It will ultimately ensure more satisfied customers and improve Mölndal Energi Nät’s finances.