All Kamstrup smart heat and cooling meters already live up to and even exceed the requirements in the coming standard EN1434

June 1, 2022

In late 2022, we expect a revision of the EN1434 standard for thermal energy meters to be released. We are happy to announce that already now, all Kamstrup meters comply with the new standard.

The new requirements involve tests of electromagnetic radiation from e.g., 5G networks and accuracy of flow sensors during severe flow disturbances. All our meters are rigorously tested in both our own testing facilities and in independent institutes to ensure accuracy and durability.

"I'm pleased to say that Kamstrup and FORCE Technology have just ended a joined testing, and all our meters passed the test according to the coming standard," says Allan Jensen, Development Engineer, and he adds: "Internally, at Kamstrup, we are testing at even higher limits to secure robust meters."

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Watch the video and learn more about how Kamstrup meters comply with the new standard.