Kamstrup awarded smart metering contract by Switzerland’s biggest electricity supplier

Glattbrugg, 7 June 2023

BKW Energie AG commissions Kamstrup to provide 404,000 OMNIPOWER electricity meters, including a head-end system

Danish company Kamstrup, which manufactures system solutions for intelligent energy and water metering, has been awarded a major contract tendered (via an open tender procedure) by Bern-based energy and infrastructure enterprise BKW Energie AG. The contract comprises 404,000 OMNIPOWER electricity meters, complete with a head-end system.

The solution will involve Kamstrup’s radio-based Radio Mesh technology, which offers excellent networking capacity along with a high degree of flexibility. Thanks to its low internal energy consumption, Radio Mesh helps to reduce CO2 emissions and improve environmental performance. BKW was impressed by the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Kamstrup’s RF-mesh solution, which topped those of other comparable transmission technologies.

The IT systems needed to make sure all the project requirements are met will be set up between now and 2024. The project rollout is then due to get under way in 2024, starting with around 50,000 meters, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2027.

“During our evaluations, it was clear to us that Kamstrup’s RF-mesh solution would be able to meet our exceptionally high quality and data security standards when it comes to smart metering,” says Urs Ackermann, Project Portfolio Manager at BKW Energie AG, “Our customers have the right to be provided with the best solution.”

“We are delighted that BKW has opted for a high-quality solution and chosen to place its trust in us,” says Peter Bruggmann, Country Manager for Kamstrup Switzerland, “This is the result of an outstanding team effort from all colleagues involved and we are looking forward to taking this further.”

The contract marks a key milestone for Kamstrup and is a testament to the trust that has built up between Kamstrup and BKW. The tender procedure involved several stages and numerous meetings, offering an opportunity to engage in dialogue and deal with any unresolved issues. This successful outcome is due to a combination of extensive expertise and mutual trust.

“We firmly believe that our solution will help BKW optimise its processes and offer added value,” says Peter Bruggmann.