Hjørring Vandselskab and Kamstrup enters new partnership on remotely read water meters

January 6, 2022

20.000 water consumers in Hjørring will get their water mesters replaced by new digital meters in 2022. The remotely read meters secure accurate billing and gives consumers better insight into their water consumption.

Kamstrup has entered a partnership with Hjørring water utility after a bidding round to deliver an intelligent solution to their supply. Kamstrup delivers a complete solution that includes Kamstrup’s flowIQ® 2200 meters, infrastructure, a remote reading system, installation and operation. The new technology enables the operational efficiency and the consumer to track their consumption even more.

Better customer service

”We look forward to being able to provide an even better service to our customers, who now avoid having to read their meters themselves. At the same time, they also get much better insight to their own water consumption, as it is possible to get recurring data from the meters,” says Tommy Mostrup from Hjørring Vandselskab. He continues:

”With the new technology customers, not only get the option of tracking their water consumption, their also are able to react to hidden leaks, because the meters have alarms, that warn against leaks. That way it is possible to react earlier and hopefully prevent damage before it escalates.”

Futureproof solution

The remote readings create more detailed knowledge on the possibilities to optimise the distribution network and daily operations.

”We look forward to delivering a complete solution to Hjørring Vandselskab where together we can ensure an optimal rollout of the new digital solution,” says Jesper Nørholm, Kamstrup Head of Sales in Denmark.

”Through the solution Hjørring Vandselskab has chosen, they will be prepared for the digitalisation that currently is happening fast in the business. We have also seen improvement of customer service from other customers. We expect Hjørring Vandselskab will experience the same,” he adds.

The partnership entails Kamstrup replacing 20,000 intelligent meters and establishing a communication network to transport data from the meters. Furthermore, Kamstrup will be responsible for future operation of network and maintenance of the complete solution for the next 15 years.

Replacement of the meters starts in the beginning of 2022 and is expected completed ultimo November 2022.