The future digital water meter will be helping the citizens of Aarhus save water

11 December 2023

Digital water meters will make it easier and better to be a customer at Aarhus Vand in the future. A collaboration between Kamstrup, Systematic and Aarhus Vand will bring the digitalization of the new water meters to new heights.

Today, the customers of Aarhus Vand read their water consumption manually and register an annual consumption number. However, these manual readings will soon be history, as Aarhus Vand has initiated an innovation project together with Kamstrup and Systematic with the objective to further innovate the digital water meters currently on the market.

“The new smart meters will make us capable of reading the meters remotely. We hope that this will bring joy and relief to our customers as they will no longer need to do the manual registrations. At the same time, we can offer better service and improve the way we work, because we receive real-time data on the customers’ water consumption”, says Helle Pernille Hansen, Team Leader, Aarhus Vand.

24/7 access to water consumption data

The unique aspect of this project is, according to Helle Pernille Hansen, the innovation part added to it . Instead of installing the meters currently available on the market, Aarhus Vand will put their efforts and energy into the further digitalization of the water meters, which will bring value for the customers.

”One of the objectives is to develop a customer platform with constant access to  water consumption data. This will motivate the customers to save water and give them the chance to instantly react if they see an extraordinary water consumption”, says Helle Pernille Hansen.

”We have added an extra layer of innovation to this project because it is our ambition that the new intelligent water meters become the best and most future-proof solution. This will benefit both our customers and ourselves”,

– Karina Topp, CEO, Aarhus Vand

The objective is to have a future-proof solution

The innovation part could for example be to investigate how data is presented to the various customer groups and to find out whether other types of sensors (i.e. for measuring pressure) could be included in the solution.

”We have added an extra layer of innovation to this project because it is our ambition that the new intelligent water meters become the best and most future-proof solution. This will benefit both our customers and ourselves”, says Karina Topp, CEO, Aarhus Vand.

The project begins with an innovation process

Aarhus Vand will initiate the project by means of an innovation phase, where Systematic will become the driving force with the responsibility for utilizing the data in the right ways.

”We contribute to this project with solid experience within innovation processes and with a strong team that has extensive knowledge within IT development e.g. in regard to user friendliness, data science, networks, integration and front-end development. We are very excited to be part of this project, and we look forward to the collaboration”, says Maiken Gustafsson, Innovation Manager at Systematic.

Roll-out begins in the southern part of Aarhus

Kamstrup will supply the digital water meters and further contribute to the project by delivering solutions for the communication part. Besides, Kamstrup will also carry out the project roll-out, where the first part  begins in 2025 with 17,000 meters to be delivered to customers in the southern part of Aarhus.

“We are very excited about the collaboration with Aarhus Vand, and we look forward to digitalizing the water supply in Aarhus, which will benefit both Aarhus Vand and their customers. By combining Aarhus Vand, who are front runners within the field of water waste reduction, with Kamstrup’s unique technology, Aarhus Vand will be qualified and equipped to improve their distribution network and offer even better service to the customers in Aarhus”, says Mads Sckerl, Senior Vice President for the Water division in Kamstrup.

Aarhus Vand looks forward to this innovative partnership.

“We have teamed up with some of the best players within the business of digitalization and digital water meters. I am confident that, together, we will develop solutions that will make Aarhus Vand’s customers even more satisfied with us as a supplier, and solutions that will reduce water waste and thereby make the Aarhus Vand offerings even more sustainable”, says Karina Topp, CEO, Aarhus Vand.

The objectives of the innovation project in short:

  • Implementation of a remotely read water meter system that adds new value for our customers.
  • Access to real time data on water consumption, and possibly more data, is a new offering from Aarhus Vand which may result in changed end user behavior (minimizing water consumption).
  • Optimization of the water supply by means of minimal energy consumption and water loss through real time data.
  • Development of a system for remote reading, which is adapted to the customers and their need for a user interface.
  • Ensuring a system that is open, agile, scalable and allows consistent optimization.

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