Smart water metering

Our ultrasonic water meters are based on proven technology and represent the future of smart water metering. Quality is not just a priority to us. It is the foundation of everything we do and of every part of our water meters’ life cycle from idea to and through its service life.

While pinpoint precision is at the core of our meters, they offer much more than the data needed for accurate billing. And they do so, because we believe that smart metering goes beyond increased accuracy. It is also about increasing service levels, taking care of the environment and saving time and money that can be used for other important tasks in your business. It is about having the foundation for making the right choices and investments – and doing so on your terms.

Every member of the Kamstrup water meter family is built to last. Each meter undergoes strict production, calibration and testing processes to secure the highest quality standards. Combined with the ultrasonic technology, this means they are suitable for horisontal and vertical installation to fit even challenging conditions.

Thise Dairy, Denmark

After installing water and heat meters and starting to use the data presentation tool eButler, Thise Dairy has a much better overview of their daily water consumption. This knowledge is actively used to become even more efficient in their daily operations.

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