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One meter. Many applications. 

Choose your application and learn how innovative Kamstrup metering solutions can help support your business.

District metering

Beating water loss with technology

Available in sizes from DN32 to DN100, the flowIQ® 3200 enables you to establish district metering areas in your network. Dividing your supply area into districts is an effective way to monitor the water loss and get a better overview of flow and consumption across the different areas by comparing the data from the flowIQ® 3200 meter installed on the supply branch to the consumption measured by the household meters such as the flowIQ® 2200.

This make it possible to generate water balances automatically and lets you become far more proactive in your efforts to reduce Non-Revenue Water. You can detect an increasing water loss at an earlier stage, quickly see the impact of new initiatives and easily compare the loss in different districts.

Use flowIQ® 3200 in combination with our analytics platform
For easy calculation of water balances and visualisation of the water loss per district, use your meters in combination with the monitoring tool District Analyser.

District Analyser gives you a complete overview of your distribution network split into districts. You get a map-based overview of your entire supply area split into districts with information on the current water loss . You can dive into each of your districts for detailed insights on inlet flow, consumption and water loss, which lets you follow the development closely over time, target your efforts and act as soon as the water loss increases in one district.

Commercial & industrial metering

Maximize your revenue

Every single drop counts when it comes to accurate billing, and this is especially the case when it comes to your commercial or industrial end-users who often account for large parts of your overall pumped out volume.

Ultrasonic precision
Building on more than 30 years of experience, our water meters are based on proven technology and provide water utilities with the data they need to bill large commercial or industrial consumers fairly and operate efficiently.

Thanks to an industry-leading accuracy and an ultra-low start flow, our flowIQ® 3200 meters measure even the smallest consumption. The meters are highly stable throughout the entire flow range with a very low error margin. Tamper-proof with no moving parts, the flowIQ® 3200 is less subject to wear and tear and this ensures a high and stable accuracy during its lifetime of up to 20 years. This ensures fair billing for your customers, and secures revenue for investing back into your network.

Our automated production process includes thorough testing in our accredited lab and ensures consistently high-quality, hygienic and accurately calibrated meters with industry-low failure rates.

Eliminate non-revenue water

Non-Revenue Water is many things. Smart metering helps you identify and deal with different kinds of water loss, and it is an effective tool in the fight to beat the leak. Watch our movie about the connection between NRW and smart metering or click on to read more.

How do ultrasonic meters work?

Kamstrup’s smart water meters are based on the latest ultrasonic technology that ensures high accuracy and reliability throughout the entire lifetime. Built without any moving parts, the meter also allows for completely flexible mounting and offers extreme low start flows and secured hygiene. For more than 30 years, Kamstrup has produced ultrasonic meters with unrelenting precision whether they are installed in the cold of Iceland or the heat of the Middle East. While the benefits are convincing, you might wonder how measuring water with ultrasound actually works. Join us on a tour inside our meter and learn just that.
water meter production
water meter production
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Customer references

Smart water metering is an intelligent enabler for improving consumer relations and optimizing operations. It is about quality management, revenue protection, asset management and Non-Revenue Water. About being able to make the right choices and chose the right investments.

Dive in to our customer world and find inspiration from colleagues, who have tested our solutions and reaped the benefits.

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