Have you considered what your best set-up is during operations?

When the roll-out of your meters and meter reading system has been completed successfully, you are left with an operational task.

Here, a number of questions spring to mind:

  • How do you get support on daily issues?
  • Do you have the necessary IT set-up?
  • How do you secure high performance?
  • How do you maintain the high data security level necessary?
  • Do you have the necessary resources and competences?

We offer services within six overall areas:

What do you get, when you choose Kamstrup as your service partner?

  • Quick, personal and cost efficient help, when you need it
  • A clear picture of future operating costs
  • The high performance level agreed 
  • A high security level updated according to legislation
  • Responsibility for the total project in one place
  • No resources tied up in equipment or personnel

Let us be your partner during operations

When you choose Kamstrup as your service partner, you not only get a total supplier of meters, metering systems, service and support. Above all, you get a dedicated specialist who is focused on giving you exactly the help you need in order to optimise the operation of your meters and your system.

We guarantee high performance and that all parts of the system interact – from meter to data delivery. High data security is essential to you and therefore to us. We maintain the security according to current legislation and the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

By choosing a set-up with the same supplier for all project phases and elements, the responsibility lies in one place and

you are assured of the maximum optimisation of your solution. 

This means that experiences from the roll-out are not lost but carried through to system operation. Also, you can be sure that any changes and updates in one part of the chain do not result in unplanned costs elsewhere or deteriorate your system’s performance.

It is our job to ensure that you get the most out of your chosen solution. With our service offering, you get access to a wealth of competencies, knowledge and experience and depending on your need, we can deliver everything from basic support to a complete turnkey service solution.

An international organisation – near you

We pride ourselves on being close to our customers and their everyday life. In countries where we do not have our own offices and service personnel, we have therefore allied ourselves with professional service partners who carry out services for us. 

In this way, customers get the best of both worlds: local knowledge backed by a global company. All our service partners go through a specific line of courses enabling them to handle a range of service tasks.

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