MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 21xx

Residential water meter

The ideal ultrasonic smart water meter for residential use

Pinpoint accuracy
The MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 21xx is a smart water meter based on the latest ultrasonic technology. The meter has no moving parts and maintains its pinpoint accuracy throughout its entire lifetime of up to 16 years. 
The meter has industry-leading low flow accuracy to ensure that even very low flows are measured down to the very last drop. This secures a fair and correct billing, improves the quality of your data and helps you reduce Non-Revenue Water.
Optimise operations and improve customer service
The MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 21xx comes with integrated communication that allows for safe and easy remote reading without any add-on devices. 
This means that you can say goodbye to manual meter readings and estimated calculations. You can significantly decrease your data collection time and avoid time-consuming follow-ups on lacking or imprecise readings, which only disturbs your end-users. Instead, you can spend your resources on more value-creating customer services.
With the data from the MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 21xx, you are well prepared to handle customer enquiries, and you can give the end-users access to detailed information about their own consumption. 
More than consumption metering
Intelligent alarms from the meter lets you detect leaks and bursts or other irregularities such as tampering attempts or reverse flows quickly and effectively. This limits water loss as well as any collateral damage. 
At the same time, the MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 21xx enables you to monitor both the ambient temperature as well as the temperature of the water. This forewarns of any risks of bursts due to frost damages or changes in the water quality.
Intelligent design and automated production
The MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 21xx is made from 100% eco-friendly and durable composite. The meter is fully watertight and can be installed without any risk of water ingress or condensation in the display. Our fully automated production process ensures consistent quality and hygienic, accurately calibrated meters.

How does an ultrasonic smart water meter work?

The MULTICAL® 21 / flowIQ® 21xx is an ultrasonic smart water meter designed for residential installations based on Kamstrup's 25 years of experience with developing and producing static ultrasonic meters.   
Watch the video and learn how the meter measures the water flow with ultrasound and the many other intelligent features.

Connect your meters to the Internet of Things

With a new version of the MULTICAL® 21, Kamstrup presents the first smart meter available in Europe to combine the pin-point accuracy of ultrasonic metering technology with state of the art Sigfox-based communication. 
The new meter will be of interest to the many utilities who are looking to base their smart metering strategy on an IoT infrastructure – either because of their business needs or as a part of an overall Smart City strategy. The new MULTICAL® 21 represents a new and innovative but tried and tested solution that takes IoT within smart water metering from theory to concrete reality.
Contact your local Kamstrup sales engineer to learn more about the new Sigfox enabled version of the MULTICAL® 21.

IoT & smart metering in Antwerp

Control of their network, reduced costs and improved customer service were the keys when Water-link in Antwerp decided to upgrade to smart meters from Kamstrup and an IoT infrastructure from Sigfox.
“Kamstrup is a frontrunner in IoT solutions for intelligent water metering and they are providing us with the flexibility and interoperability we need,” Kurt De Nies, Project Leader at Water-link.

Approvals Approvals

MULTICAL® 21/ flowIQ® 210X has been subjected to comprehensive type tests with a view to securing a long-term stable, accurate and reliable water meter for household consumption:
MID certified according to OIML R49 & ISO 4064 ● DK-0200-MI001-015 ● IP68 approved ● Approved for drinking water.

Production Production

Water meters from Kamstrup are engineered to last with strict production, calibration and testing processes to secure a consistently high quality and an error margin close to 0% in the entire dynamic range. 
We do this through:
- A robust construction
- A highly automated production 
- Strict component tolerance management
- Database calibration and adjustment
- Tests of meters in three flow rates across the dynamic range

Hygiene Hygiene

Water quality and the cleanliness of water distribution systems have received increasing attention in recent years as a means of preventing disease caused by water-borne bacteria. 
Minimising the risk of bacterial contamination of the water supply through the water meters requires securing the entire chain from production to installation. Therefore, we consider security and hygiene to be high priority areas in both the development and production of our smart water meters. Our meters are approved for use with drinking water and are disinfected, dried and packed in airtight packaging. Moreover, we continuously test for disinfection effectiveness. 

All these steps are carried out to ensure that the meters can be installed safely when they leave our production facilities and are not subject to environmental influences before their application.

Design & construction Design & construction

All Kamstrup water meters are static meters based on ultrasonic technology. They have no moving parts and are resistant to both wear and tear as well as minerals or other impurities in the water. 
Smaller meters are made from eco-friendly and durable composite while the larger meters er made from eco-friendly brass or stainless steel. Meter houses are vacuum sealed and fully watertight.  The meters are suitable for installations both indoors or outdoors and in meter pits. They can be installed both horizontally and vertically, independent of piping and installation conditions.

Technical information

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