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Kamstrup true cooling meter solutions are built to enhance the way you work, no matter your role in managing cooling applications in buildings. They counter some of the most common challenges experienced in cooling with BTU meters, such as condensation and low delta T syndrome. True cooling meters also bring you closer to becoming more energy efficient in your building management systems, reduce cooling workloads with sensible automation, and extend the meter lifespans with specialised hardware.

It’s time to know what benefits you get with a true cooling meter solution.

The ultimate cooling meter platform

It can be a complex job to manage cooling applications in commercial buildings. Achieving optimal energy efficiency requires accurate, reliable, and efficient solutions.

At Kamstrup, we want to help you optimise the cooling experience in commercial buildings. To do so, we have made a brochure about our solution. 

Download the brochure and discover how true cooling meters can:

• Enhance energy efficiency, deliver sensible automation, and ensure total reliability
• Optimise energy operations and eliminate low delta-T syndrome
• Survive the humid environment and reduce the total cost of ownership

It’s time to harness the potential of efficient energy management in your building with a true cooling meter solution.

What is a true cooling meter?

A true cooling meter is the one built to survive the cooling environment i.e., heat and humidity. When you choose a true cooling meter, it is your assurance that you get the best option for cooling in your building.

Cooling meters from Kamstrup are designed to optimise the cooling experience in commercial buildings. They are built to enhance energy efficiency, deliver sensible automation functions, and combat condensation. With a true cooling meter, you avoid many of the traditional challenges related to cooling.

True cooling meters create business impact

Our customers across the world are saving energy, cost and time with the true cooling meter solution. Whether it is the district cooling utilities, system integrators, BMS contractors, consultants, builders or property managers, we have a cooling meter solution for all needs. Learn more about how our cooling solution is helping customers worldwide fulfil their business potential.

Enhance energy efficiency

More and more chilled water systems are adopting an optimal delta T design. Research has found that this design improves energy efficiency because it requires smaller pumps. Smaller pumps consume less power during the operation, optimising how your system uses energy.

To avoid low delta T syndrome, you need to know the accurate temperatures of your building management system. With Kamstrup 2-wire solution, you get the most cost-effective data readings with a precision of ± 0.1 K.

Learn how Kamstrup cooling meters use temperature offset and valve control features to overcome low delta T syndrome and improve the overall data quality in your building management system.

Reduce cooling workloads with automation

The PQT Controller (power, flow and temperature) is used for optimizing energy and other applications where focus is on achieving energy efficiency. Discover how the true cooling meter solution with PQT controller delivers sensible automation and offers maximum control over cooling energy management.

Extend meter lifespans with specialist hardware

Thermal energy/BTU meters that operate in hot and humid environments are prone to being damaged by condensation. Kamstrup cooling meters are designed to survive such demanding cooling environments where significant condensation can occur. Learn to choose the ideal meter for your cooling application and avoid condensation-related hardware faults.

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