Energy efficiency
Smart metering

New demands. New possibilities.

For some, the European Union’s Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) is an opportunity for change within submetering. Others see it as more complexity in an already busy work-life.

Starting from October 2020, the EED will change the way you work with heat
administration. Immediately – and in the future. At Kamstrup, we are here for the sceptics and the optimists. For the small changes and the big improvements. In fact, we are here for every step of your EED journey.

Kamstrup EED
Kamstrup EED

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We know that consumption metering is just one of many tasks in your work with property management. So why not, for that exact reason, make metering easy for yourself and meet the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) at the same time?

Some consider the directive as an opportunity to change to their current metering practices. Others, on the other hand, see it as added complexity in an already busy work-life. Regardless of the perspective, the EED will drive change within three specific areas:

• Remotely read meters
• Data collection and fair billing
• Informed and empowered tenants

The ambition of the directive is that intelligent meters provide new insight to tenants about their own consumption behaviour and thereby enable them to optimise the way they consume energy and hot water. All to save resources – financially and environmentally. 

This means that the EED is either a way to get started or an opportunity to go further. No matter what, you need a good plan and roadmap. The biggest influence on your work is the EED’s requirement that meters deliver data. To you. And to your tenants. Looking at data as knowledge instead of numbers enables you to become a trusted partner and help drive real energy efficiency.

Eliminating everyday challenges and looking for ways to realise the potential of your property management is the real starting point on the EED journey. The data from intelligent meters provides a steady flow of information about consumption, performance and system status. But it is also a gold mine of insights into where to optimise assets and operations. It creates transparency and the perfect foundation for decisions and prioritisations. 

Do you see the significance of the role you will come to play in the upcoming transformation? Instead of being a ‘passive’ middleman and administrator, be an informative partner that helps make a positive change in your buildings’ heat and hot water consumption – and a catalyst for change. For your tenants. And for the environment. 


Your benefits

The shift to smart meters grants you access to precise meter data and knowledge about consumption. This ensures fair, individual billing – and you are able to help tenants optimise their daily energy use. All while complying with the EED demands.

Your tenants’ benefits

Conscious consumers and citizens are increasing in number – especially within the area of energy consumption. Thanks to the knowledge you provide, your tenants are encouraged and helped to change their consumption habits, which saves resources – financially and environmentally.

“The EED is an opportunity to deliver even better service to tenants, as consumption knowledge is handed directly back to them, which will also promote changes in habits.”

– Steen Schelle Jensen, Head of Product
Management – Heat Cooling Solutions, Kamstrup