Are bacteria an issue for you?

For years, Kamstrup have been dealing with the topic of how bacteria affect the production of water meters and made this part of the agenda. Appropriate packaging and preventative measurements in the test stand are basic conditions. No one is safe from bacteria attacks, but there are measurements to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination from, e.g., Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, which is a widely spread soil and water germ in humid environments.

Preventing bacteria

Clean production lines
At Kamstrup, we continuously introduce new initiatives to ensure that our water meters leave the factory protected. The production takes place in our highly automated production facilities in Denmark that conforms to Module B + D of the European measuring instrumentation line (MID). And since the end of 2013, we have packed our water meters in airtight blister packaging instead of carton. This ensures that the meters are not subject to environmental influences before their application, neither during transport nor during storage.

Customer satisfaction is of highest priority at Kamstrup. So without exception, each water meter is tested at our test stand for its compliance with the calibration error limits. The water of the test bench is disinfected with hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite electronically and the test water is exchanged regularly. Also, an external laboratory periodically tests the water for microorganisms and legionella. This ensures that Kamstrup provides a basis for preventing germs.

Prioritising hygiene

Kamstrup developed a hygiene concept to ensure that no harmful bacteria, e.g. the Pseudomonas Aerugionsa, are in the water meters and that all materials are approved for drinking water installations.

Off into the lab

As quality assurance in terms of hygiene is essential to Kamstrup, we have commissioned external laboratories to regularly analyse the water of our test benches and carry out sampling of water meters.

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