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District heating in the new energy reality

Smart metering provides the basis for high energy efficiency by adding transparency and data-based knowledge to district heating

The new energy reality requires an integrated and intelligent energy system with district heating as its natural cornerstone. But improving energy efficiency and facilitating the transition to renewable energy sources and waste heat requires a level of transparency in the district energy system that can only be derived from frequent and accurate meter data.

This makes smart metering critical as a means to meeting the challenges of the integrated energy system and, just as importantly, as a platform for utilising the opportunities it brings. In this white paper, we outline this new energy reality and the role district heating plays in it. We take a closer look at what characterises the intelligent energy system and explore the importance of efficiency and transparency throughout the energy chain all the way to the end user.

Finally, we take a sneak peek at what will influence and drive district heating in the future. Download your edition of our white paper now and learn more.

Shifting focus and raising the bar

District heating is at the center of a truly integrated energy system, where demand adapts to the fluctuating production based on renewables and waste heat – but it will require a much higher degree of flexibility than today.

This involves utilising the available energy resources as efficiently and sustainably as possible while creating the ideal circumstances for integrating renewables.

Download our white paper and learn more about how higher energy efficiency goes hand in hand with lower temperatures and more flexible distribution.

Transparency unlocks new opportunities

The prerequisite for high energy efficiency and the very foundation of the energy transition is transparency.

In order to meet efficiency targets and run production closer to the limit, utilities must know exactly what is happening in the network – especially at critical points – at all times. Only the frequent data provided by smart metering enables this degree of transparency. Smart energy meters give utilities a detailed overview of the actual state of the distribution network, allowing them to optimise in real time.

Through frequent meter readings down to hourly values or even five-minute values, utilities can monitor and manage the network in new and simpler ways. This allows for operational optimisation and reduction of waste. Furthermore the frequent meter data provided through smart meters allows utilities to identify and help end users, who need guidance about energy efficient behaviour.

Also, awareness can create more energy efficient end users which benefits both themselves as well as the utility operation.

Taking technology further – together

A Kamstrup energy metering solution represents the next generation of smart metering. By combining the latest technology, remote reading and state of the art leakage surveillance, our heating and cooling solutions offer utilities the highest levels of control, efficiency and flexibility on the market.

Download your edition of our white paper and learn how to navigate under the new conditions of a digital heat supply.

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