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The powerful engine behind the intelligent grid

With the OMNIA® e-meter, distributed intelligence is truly here. Designed with flexibility and future use cases in mind, this meter range allows the digital utility of tomorrow to turn smart meter data into actionable grid insights and manage energy resources better.

You’ll get a meter tailored to your needs, with pinpoint accuracy and superior quality, ensuring reliable consumption billing for the entire meter lifetime of up to 18 years. But the purpose of the meter exceeds meter-to-cash, as it enables advanced analysis and grid optimisation through its unrivalled measuring range and data granularity. Add to that the flexibility of cellular IoT communication and a user-friendly design for quick and easy installation.

Expect more from your meter every day

Improving with age is not reserved for fine wine. As a long-term investment, an electricity meter should be flexible enough to accommodate new use cases throughout its entire lifetime. The OMNIA® e-meter has the built-in capacity to support future firmware upgrades and fulfil the needs you haven’t thought of yet.

The OMNIA® e-meter offers the possibility of customising the meter configuration to match your specific needs. Integrated flexibility options include:

  • Demand response using integrated load control
  • Adding smart home equipment for consumer engagement

Göteborg Energi upgrades to OMNIA® e-meter

Kamstrup’s latest technology is the cornerstone in Göteborg Energi’s new smart metering solution. The solution will create insights that support a sustainable energy consumption and help mitigate the challenges posed by booming electrification and increasingly decentralized electricity production.

Get more out of your meter data

Turn smart meter data into an ROI driver and make your distribution grid, your operations and your planning more efficient.

Our analytics tool Power Intelligence provides actionable insights based on advanced analysis and intuitive visualization and helps utilities tackle the challenges of an increasingly electrified world.

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