Turnkey project for a smart metering solution

Turnkey project, AMI system, intelligent grid

Together with partners Avance, Eltel and Telia, Kamstrup will deliver a complete smart metering solution including replacement of 275.000 electricity meters for a turnkey project in Gothenburg, Sweden. Futureproof and high quality products, a strong local presence and teaming up with the right partners secured Kamstrup’s win in the tender for Swedens’s second largest city.

A futureproof solution

Electricity suppliers prepare for future challenges impacting the power grid like electric cars, distributed generation and a general increase in the electrification of society. Changes that have high impact on both the demand for power and the quality of delivered electricity. With their new solution, Gøteborg Energi wanted to create insights that support both a sustainable energy consumption and help mitigate future challenges.

“With Kamstrup as our partner, we have a partner with many years of experience within the industry. The agreement includes a secure, reliable and developable solution which contributes to strengthening Gøteborg Energi and our customers during the transition to a more electrified society.“ Lars Edström, CEO at Gøteborg Energi Nät AB and Business Manager for electricity and gas network at Gøteborg Energi.

Preparing for future legislation

Another important issue for Gøteborg Energi to address were the new rules and regulations that’ll come in force in Sweden in 2025. The regulations include:

  • Registration of active energy every hour
  • Detailed hourly data will enable Gøteborg Energi to target investments in the grid and spend less resources on maintaining the network.

  • Customer interface
  • The solution lets consumers take control of their energy consumption and reduce their impact on the environment. This requires a meter with the right hardware and software but also a head-end system that can manage the customer interface.

  • Remote collection of measured data
  • The solution enables Gothenburg to transfer larger amounts of data to support enhanced customer service, targeted grid maintenance and fact-based grid planning.

  • Remote updating of software, settings and control the power of the meter
  • All the meters in the low voltage network should fulfil these requirements by 2025.

About the project

  • Delivery and roll out of 275.000 smart electricity meters, with subsequent support, maintenance and development.
  • No installation and maintenance of extra hardware required, due to the use of cellular NB-IoT communication.
  • Cutting edge technology – possible to update firmware and add new features to the meters in the future.

Improved customer relation and a stronger brand

Owned by the city of Gothenburg and therefore ultimately by the end-users, Gøteborg Energi always seek to strengthen the relation to their customers. Consequently, end-user satisfaction will be evaluated on an on-going basis during the rollout. With the new solution, they will also be able to integrate smart home devices directly with the meter and develop a better understanding of how they consume energy. In the end, this will support the goal of making Gothenburg a more attractive city to live and work in.

With a high quality meter follows high quality data. The above-industry standard range of measurements and their pinpoint accuracy provide Gothenburg with a solid foundation for advanced analysis and grid optimisation in their analytics application.

The utility will also be able to predict outages by means of e.g. data based indications that a grid component is in need of maintenance or that a cable has been overused leading to a reduced lifetime. With this information, the utility can extend the lifetime of their low-voltage grid components with a positive impact on their financial result as well as the environment.

Key highlights from Gøteborg Energi

Trust in partnership, products and a proven track record

Together with Eltel, Kamstrup will handle the installation of the 275.000 smart meters. The two companies have the necessary experience with large roll outs, e.g. from the Radius project in Copenhagen. The mass roll out will be done in 2023 and 2024.

The  solution is based on Kamstrup’s latest technology including the new OMNIA e-meter with integrated cellular NB-IoT communication. The Kamstrup-Telia partnership means that Gøteborg Energi can draw on Telia’s existing network instead of installing and maintaining extra communication devices in the city, e.g. on buildings, rooftops and in antennas. The end-user data will be delivered to Gøteborg Energi with a head-end software in a collaboration with Avance Metering.

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