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What can one water meter solve?

Choose a challenge and learn how innovative Kamstrup metering solutions can help support your business and the environment.

One go-to supplier for all meter sizes

Different sizes and dimensions to fit your network.

Kamstrup offers water meters in many different sizes and ranges. With flowIQ® 4200, you get the same high accuracy and long-term reliability known from Kamstrup’s smaller meters extended into a larger meter size range with low start flow.

flowIQ® 4200 comes in five different sizes to cater to as many needs as possible: the smallest meter is the DN125 with a normal flow Q3 of 160 m3/h and a length of 250 mm, and the largest is the DN300 with a normal flow Q3 of 1,000 m3/h and a length of 500 mm. For all sizes a dynamic range of R250 is available, but they are approved for a dynamic range of up to R1000.

Kamstrup delivers end-to-end solutions for reducing non-revenue water, as you can find a digital water meter fit for all installation points in your network. From small to large water meters and analytic and monitoring solutions and services, you can gather your metering needs at Kamstrup.

High quality and a long lifetime are our main priorities

Long-lasting, high-quality, and robust meters save you money and time. The environment will thank you too.

Kamstrup has over 30 years of experience with ultrasonic metering. We take that seriously and we use our experience to make the highest quality meters possible. From the production to the technology to the service, every part is optimized to deliver the best and most consistent results.

Our meters have a very long lifetime of up to 20 years with very little loss of accuracy over time. This is possible due to the high standards we set for our meters that are produced, calibrated, and tested diligently before they leave our production facilities in Denmark or Georgia, US.

Our materials are all high quality, which makes the metes durable, so they are able to keep up with our long-lasting, highly accurate ultrasound technology. Therefore, the meters will last a long time and save money, time, and benefit the environment because they don’t need to be exchanged all the time.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you get the best solutions and knowledge possible.

Optimal for commercial and industrial environments

Intended for cold water consumption, covering larger districts or commercial buildings.

The flowIQ® 4200 electronic water meter is fit for different positions in commercial and industrial water districts, as it is available in various sizes with different dynamic ranges and flow rates.

Fit for various water meter installations, flowIQ® 4200 enables you to establish district metering areas in your network and measure cold water consumption in industrial environments such as distribution networks and commercial buildings. Despite being classified as a cold-water meter, the maximum temperature for the meter is 50 degrees Celsius, way above the industry standard of 30 degrees Celsius.

For instance, the electronic water meter can be placed at the entry point to a larger district, like an industrial park, with large flow rates throughout the day. This provides you with accurate insights into the water usage in the district. Or install the water meter where it can measure consumption in commercial and industrial buildings.

Our flowIQ® 4200 digital water meter measures consumption in commercial and industrial installations with pinpoint accuracy over its entire lifetime. This ensures fair customer billing and secures revenue for investing back into your network by reducing non-revenue water. That way, flowIQ® 4200 becomes the ultimate solution for reliable and accurate water metering.

Our biggest intelligent water meter ever

Get a quick overview of the flowIQ® 4200’s key features and learn how you can save more money, time, and energy with these precise and durable meters that are available from DN 125-300.

Watch our video.

water meter production

How do ultrasonic meters work?

Kamstrup’s smart water meters are based on the latest ultrasonic technology that ensures pinpoint accuracy and reliability throughout the entire lifetime. Built without any moving parts, the ultrasonic meter is maintenance free, does not lose accuracy over time, and offers low start flows. For over 30 years, Kamstrup has produced ultrasonic meters with unrelenting precision whether they are installed in the cold of Iceland or the heat of the Middle East. While the benefits are convincing, you might wonder how measuring water with ultrasound actually works. Join us on a tour inside our meter and learn just that.
water meter production

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