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Smart Metering Workshop in Cape Town

From 28 February – 1 March 2024, the SWAN Smart Metering Workshop took place in Cape Town with Kamstrup as Lead Sponsor

Ghana Water bringing down water loss with digital technology

Ghana Water is the national water supplier in Ghana with more than 950.000 water meter connections, of which 112.000 connections are equipped with Kamstrup water meters.

Water loss is a huge problem in Ghana, and when they started their digitalization journey back in 2018, they were losing 54% of produced drinking water.

The water is either lost due to poorly maintained distribution networks, but also to a high extent, due to inaccurate mechanical water meters, that are easily exposed to tampering and, furthermore, with manual meter reading the risk of inaccurate billing is very high.

Until now they have lowered the water loss to around 40% by introducing smart metering technology and pressure management.

Water dripping from a faucet

It’s time to put knowledge to practice

Kamstrup has the knowledge to greatly improve the effectivity of water utilities worldwide. At the SWAN Smart Metering Workshop, our purpose was to share that knowledge with both global and local industry experts.
Water dripping from a faucet

About the event

The SWAN Smart Metering Workshop was a three-day event from 28 February – 1 March 2024. Day 1 consisted of the half-day workshop titled “Making Smart Metering Bankable”. Day 2 featured a workshop with several presentations from various global and local industry experts and free lunch on us. Day 3 was a study tour with City of Cape Town Utility.

Meter readings as fast and simple as possible

How does our solutions help water utilities? Watch this short video about our smart water meters implemented in Ghana.

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