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Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 by Jeppe Hofni

Rolling out a fixed network has never been easier

With linkIQ®, Kamstrup’s communication technology tailored for smart metering, rolling out a fixed network can now be done more effortlessly than ever.

Different communication technologies work well for different purposes, and your choice of technology should reflect your needs. However, this is often easier said than done, as you need to consider your requirements for network reliability, battery lifetime, network coverage as well as data resolution and availability. The fact that your requirements may differ throughout your network only serves to further complicate matters.

One of the reasons why we created linkIQ® was because we wanted to simplify the decision. We wanted to provide utilities with a communication technology, which doesn’t require compromises in the value they can create on top of their network, while securing a long lifetime of the investment too. And thanks to the dedicated engineers at Kamstrup, we’d like to think we achieved that goal.

What matters to utilities

First and foremost, the data collection units in a linkIQ® based network has a very long range. This is absolutely pivotal, because range has one of the most direct influences on costs. With much improved ranges of up to 15 km, you need drastically fewer infrastructure components to collect data from your smart water meters. Thanks to linkIQ®, one Danish utility was able to reduce its number of antenna sites by 70 percent! Also, fewer components translates to a lower investment, and less resources spent on maintenance and operation of the network.

Strong and robust coverage, which is also a staple of linkIQ®, simplifies the process further. The results is a significant reduction in communication problems with units placed underground, or in other places where their ability to communicate with the network could be impaired. Nor will utilities have to worry about radio communication interference, giving them a much larger degree of freedom to choose where to place meters and set up antenna sites.

Lastly, linkIQ® is designed to be backwards compatible with units using the wireless M-Bus standard, which is widely adopted by utilities. This alleviates the usual headaches connected with establishing a network and dramatically reduces the initial roll-out costs and time, compared to communication technologies that require a complete replacement of meters in order to deliver the full value of data.

Together, these factors and benefits make rolling out a network more accessible and easier than ever.

What happens next?

The convenience doesn’t stop once your linkIQ® network is up and running, as the infrastructure can be improved through software updates from a remote location. Also, you can let us do the dirty work for you, operating and maintaining your smart meter population, your network, hosting your meter data, and more for a subscription fee.

linkIQ® is so convenient, you barely have to do anything – except focus on your core business, with all the data you need.

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