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NB-IoT for smart electricity metering

New IoT technologies surface at a staggering rate, but neither of them can cater to every need. Each application has its own set of requirements for connectivity, bandwidth, latency, power consumption and more.

Watch the movie and discover three compelling reasons why we think future-proof is spelled NB-IoT when it comes to AMI systems and smart grids.

NB-IoT - buzz or business?

In the world of the digital grid data may be king, but without a powerful vehicle the king is stuck on the parking lot. For any smart metering use case your network must be reliable and resilient, but to achieve true grid intelligence, near real-time communication and high data rates are simply a prerequisite.

At the same time, utilities are seeking flexibility at every level of their business with the aim of getting the most out of their investment in the long run and being prepared for whatever needs may arise in the future.

All of that make NB-IoT a great fit for AMI systems and smart grids. With its inherent qualities - like the potential for delivering true interoperability and insensitivity to disturbances from other systems - NB-IoT ticks more boxes than most communication technologies and is worth considering for a lot of utilities.

But no matter what, your choice of communication technology should ultimately be determined by the needs of your business. That’s why we like to call it the Internet of your Things.

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