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Posted on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 by Carsten Nielsen

What sports cars and minivans have in common with choosing your communication technology

Imagine having to choose between a sports car and a minivan. Both of them are great for some things but don’t quite deliver in other areas. Sometimes you just want to get to where you’re going fast. Sometimes you want the whole family to come along and time is no issue. 

Choosing a communication technology poses a similar challenge. No one technology can give you everything, so if you must choose, pick the one that gives you most of what you need. 

The list of things to consider is long, but start by deciding what you value more: flexibility or control?

RF technology: Control and proven results
With radio mesh, you know what you’re getting. Robust and battle-proven, you can count on a high level of performance and full value from your smart metering solution. Also, choosing a one-supplier solution means no compromising on functionality or worrying about different supplier roadmaps staying aligned. 

The bulk of your smart grid investment is made upfront. Combined with ultra-low data-transmission costs, this gives you a clear cost picture from the get-go. You build and own your network, meaning you have full control over it.

NB-IoT: Flexibility and limitless potential
NB-IoT offers ultimate flexibility. You are in the driver’s seat and can construct exactly the smart grid solution you want without being locked in with one supplier. Because it uses an existing infrastructure, you can deploy as you please – no investment, planning or maintenance required. 

NB-IoT is fully interoperable supporting meters from different vendors and backed by a worldwide community resulting in an explosive development – and as a first mover, you are among the first to reap the benefits.

If one technology cannot cover all the different needs in your supply area, it doesn’t mean you have to settle. 

Can’t decide? Don’t
If one technology cannot cover all the different needs in your supply area, it doesn’t mean you have to settle. 

You have the option to combine NB-IoT with tried-and-tested radio mesh technology in a solution designed to match your exact needs. In other words, whether you need a minivan with a powerful engine or a sports car with extra seats and a large trunk, you get the best of both worlds.


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