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Get unmatched connectivity with the new OMNIA® 6 suite

The new OMNIA® 6 suite uses IoT technology and the cellular network to give you connectivity that moves the limits of remote metering. Which means that you can get all the meter data you need to run your business efficiently and plan for the future.

The new OMNIA® 6 suite from Kamstrup gives you unmatched connectivity between electricity meters and back-end systems. The suite makes use of IoT and cellular networks to transmit your data reliably and securely, even when meters are installed in challenging locations, and it is capable of recording and transmitting far greater volumes of data than most other communication technologies for remote metering solutions.

This means you can get all the data you need when you need it, from all corners of your grid. This is what we call unmatched connectivity, and with OMNIA® 6, it’s all yours.

The benefits of IoT in electricity metering

The use of IoT and cellular networks is the major reason why the new OMNIA® 6 suite offers improved remote metering performance. The technology is simply a great match for electricity metering – here’s why:

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  • The technology uses the same cellular network as many other businesses, devices, and consumers. You do not need to maintain a communications infrastructure yourself. Major commercial cellular networks are very reliable, and the cost of running and maintaining them is distributed across literally thousands of stakeholders.
  • Each IoT meter communicates independently and directly over the cellular network. You do not need to worry if it should connect via an RF concentrator or another type of network hub. This gives you simple, flexible, and cost-effective deployment options. And because there is no need for complex network configuration, all connected IoT meters can transmit data from the moment they are installed.
  • Using IoT over the cellular network gives you higher bandwidth than with competing technologies. You can therefore acquire more data more frequently if you want to.
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Excellent connectivity in Swedish network

A Kamstrup customer in Sweden installed more than 100,000 OMNIA® e-meters in their network with excellent results:

  • In urban areas, 99.5% of data was collected within 4 hours
  • The meters established a stable connection even in locations with notoriously difficult coverage
  • Of the 100,000 meters, only 50 required an additional antenna to connect

Connectivity benefits with OMNIA® 6

The new OMNIA® 6 suite implements IoT over the cellular network to bring you four key features that make your working day easier and more efficient.

  • Automatic selection of optimal IoT technology: The powerful OMNIA® e-meters automatically chooses between NB-IoT and LTE-M communication to achieve optimal connectivity at each installation site. With two technologies under the hood, you can install meters in areas with great network coverage and in challenging locations with limited connectivity. With automatic selection, the OMNIA® e-meters automatically ensure that you get the best possible connection. You do not need to spend time configuring each meter for each location and do not need to visit meters later to change technology.
  • Verification at installation: An OMNIA® e-meter automatically checks if it can connect to the cellular network while your technician is installing it. In most cases, the connection is made swiftly. In the rare cases when it is not, your technician will know right away and can fix the problem immediately, for example by adding an external antenna.
  • Secure data connections: The connection between the OMNIA® 6 suite and the cellular network is secure so hackers or malicious third parties cannot intercept or tamper with your important metering data. All metering data is also end-to-end encrypted between the meter and OMNIA® 6.
  • RF meters still functional: Backwards compatibility is an important consideration when you cannot or will not upgrade an entire network of meters in one go. With OMNIA® 6, you do not need to worry when adding IoT meters to an RF meter network: In most cases, the old meters will continue to work with no issues. As a result, you can upgrade at your own pace without losing connectivity from existing installations.

Move the limits of remote metering

With the unmatched connectivity provided by the OMNIA® 6 suite, you get the data you need. You can acquire data more frequently if you need to while enjoying a reliable connection, even to very challenging installation sites. And with more granular and precise data, it becomes far easier for you to troubleshoot network issues such as harmonic distortion or out-of-range voltage.

With the OMNIA® 6 suite, you decide when and how you get the meter data you need. With the unmatched connectivity offered by the new suite, you can move the limits of remote metering to run and develop your business the way you want.

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