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Get IoT metering with OMNIA® 6

Upgrade easily at your own pace with our new suite

IoT-based metering over the cellular network provides several benefits, including more granular meter data and higher data speeds. Our new OMNIA® 6 suite lets you realize these benefits and prepare for the future of electricity metering.

With upgraded software and new electricity meters, the OMNIA® 6 suite includes everything you need and lets you combine existing RF mesh meters with new IoT devices. Upgrading to OMNIA® 6 is quick and easy, allowing you to evolve at your own pace.

Keeping up with a fast-evolving electricity sector

By 2030, electricity consumption is expected to grow up to 300%, in part because of the increasing popularity of electrified, sustainable solutions like heat pumps and EVs. This results in higher demand fluctuations. At the same time, decentralized renewable production is increasing the unpredictability of electricity grids.

In the face of these challenges, ensuring a stable power supply and planning cost-effective infrastructure maintenance and expansion is only possible with detailed up-to-date knowledge of consumption patterns and operating status. In other words, you need answers and insights to be able to keep the lights on. It’s time to know, and the OMNIA® 6 suite with IoT metering provides granular consumption data to help you.

Upgrading your electricity smart meter infrastructure is as easy as 1-2-3

Integrating our new IoT electricity meters into your existing Kamstrup network is as easy as 1-2-3. Whether you need to replace outdated meters or want to explore the possibilities of IoT metering, our OMNIA® 6 suite lets you evolve quickly and easily.

Designed, built, and tested in Denmark

We manufacture all OMNIA® e-meters on our fully automated production lines in Denmark, ensuring consistently high quality with complete traceability. And to ensure high availability and unbeatable performance, we test every single meter before it leaves our factory, giving you very low failure rates.