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The complete cooling solution

Kamstrup's cooling solutions are designed for a long service life with minimum maintenance. Quality, flexibility and scalability are key to ensuring that the metering solution you choose today also provides you with the right tools for the demands of the future. Kamstrup has developed a complete meter platform that gives you the ultimate flexibility.

The third generation of Kamstrup’s MULTICAL® cooling meters is based on a deep understanding of the challenges faced by cooling energy providers. Combined with decades of experience developing innovative ultrasonic technology and future-proof design, the result is high-quality BTU meters with simple-to-use functionality, unrivalled accuracy and reliability.

Along with the MULTICAL® series you get the benefits of accurate and robust flow sensors. ULTRAFLOW® 44 comes with IP68 classification which makes it condensation proof and ready for the toughest climate conditions.

Do you have the right tools to build a future-proof cooling solution?

The next generation cooling meters

Our shared MULTICAL® platform for 403, 603 and 803 cooling meters allows you to easily upgrade rather than replace your meters as new possibilities and challenges occur. These upgrades can be done without interfering with legal registers and with no or minimal impact on meter readings and network management. The data loggers are fully programmable to save yearly, monthly, daily, hourly and minute values. This lets you effectively analyze and diagnose your application for faster identification of load profiles, errors and inconsistencies.

The future-proof solution for your cooling installation

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You and your customers need products you can rely on. Only that way, you can rest assure that you put your name on lasting, quality solutions. For this reason, we continue developing state-of-the-art solutions that lead the way within submetering. And we have all the necessary certifications and accreditations to support that mission. Every customer and every project is unique. As specialists in metering, data collection and analysis, we take pride in helping you find the submetering solution that best matches each specific project.

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The static cooling flow sensor

Together with our MULTICAL®-series, ULTRAFLOW® 44 completes our broad cooling program. The flow sensor family DN15-125 can easily be connected to MULTICAL® 603 or 803 on screw terminals as a split cooling meter solution. ULTRAFLOW® 44 builds up on well-established flow sensor technology for cooling meters known e.g. from our MULTICAL® 403. This includes in particular the excellent condensation protection, ultrasonic technology with proven accuracy in the long-run but also advantageous features like the possibility of directly mounting a temperature sensor for up to DN 40, low pressure loss and an approved dynamic range of qp:qi = 250:1 for most types.

The ULTRAFLOW® 44 5HX series has an accuracy of ±0.5% at permanent flow qp and can be delivered with documentation for this accuracy.

Customer voice: Nashik Mall, India

Transparency in operations and billing

The city center mall in Nashik is one of the largest malls in the state of Maharashtra in India that found a way for conflict-free billing for its tenant to measure their cooling energy consumption by installing Kamstrup’s ultrasonic cooling meters. The solution provides accurate meter reading every month and consistently precise meter data enables smooth operations and maintenance.

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