Multi purpose, packed with innovative features for building management and industrial applications

MULTICAL® 803 for heating and cooling is an all-in-one solution that meets the high requirements for advanced industrial and commercial measurement.

An accurate, stable energy calculator with long life and multiple communication and remote reading functions.
The energy calculator can be read remotely using a wide variety of communication protocols. With the possibility to utilise up to four of Kamstrup’s generation 3 modules, the MULTICAL® 803 provides more flexibility and versatility than ever before. 

In addition, the meter is IP65-approved and resistant to dust and moisture, reducing the negative impact from harsh environments and thus opening up for an even wider range of possible applications. 

Save valuable resources
With automatic detection of the connected temperature sensors and the meter factor of the connected ULTRAFLOW®, it is only necessary to have one calculator in stock – the Kamstrup MULTICAL® 803.

The robustness and flexibility serve the purpose to minimize the resources spent on revisits due to break-downs, lack of data available or inaccuracies during the entire life cycle of this high-end energy calculator.

No loss of data

Extensive data logging and battery back-up

Just like its predecessor MULTICAL® 801, the MULTICAL® 803 has info loggers providing information on events such as leakage, burst or power failure. This means easier troubleshooting, tamper detection and analysis of the amount of energy consumed. Moreover, the info logger in MULTICAL® 803 enables a complete leak detection for quick corrective actions.In addition, the integrated battery back-up ensures that when the power is cut, the meter will continue to calculate energy for up to 6 years so no precious energy data is lost.

Intelligent District Heating

District Heating Aarhus, Denmark

After replacing more than half of its 56,000 meters with Kamstrup smart meters, the district heating supplier of Denmark’s second largest city, AffaldVarme Aarhus, has already reduced its water loss by 100 m3 a day. The utility expects to halve the payback period on its EUR 33 million investment with further optimisations based on frequent data.

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