Environment and work policy

Environmental, energy and occupational health and safety policy

Whilst considering business objectives, Kamstrup aims at affecting the surrounding environment as little as possible.

Kamstrup aims at being a company with a high level of health, safety and well-being among the employees.

Kamstrup will:

• Prevent pollution, damages and accidents, as well as work related illness in connection with the company’s activities and products

• Have a risk based approach to ESH matters and manage related risks, where applicable

• Work actively to reduce the use of energy and water through energy groups

• Be aware of relevant legislation and ensure compliance

• Set up targets for continuous improvements

• Educate and motivate the employees to actively participate in environmental and occupational health and safety work

• Communicate openly about environmental and occupational health and safety matters, internally as well as externally

• Use subcontractors that act in an environmentally responsible manner

• Ensure that contractors that goes about Kamstrups areas comply with relevant legislation and rules of Kamstrup.


Kamstrup has an environmental management system that is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, and a Occupational Health & Safety management system that is certified in accordance with DS/OHSAS 18001.
For more details contact Vice President, Quality & Environment, Viggo Andersen, T: +45 89 93 11 68.
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