Leak Detector - How to: A collection of demonstration videos about key features

Leak Detector makes it easy to target your leak detection efforts. Based on an advanced algorithm, the system automatically interprets the noise data over time and identifies the meters with the highest risk of leakage.

This lets you spend more time in the field verifying potential leaks while the system handles the task of monitoring your distribution network.

How to: Understand your Leak Detector dashboard

Leak Detector contains a dashboard for you to quickly grasp the state of your distribution network. This video will allow you to get a better understanding of your dashboard and how to utilize it to find leaks.

How to: Add events to calculate your water loss

Registering an event can be seen as a way to tell Leak Detector what you found when investigating a potential leak. This video will show you how to register a “LEAK” event, which is necessary to register for Leak Detector to calculate your estimated water loss.

How to: Changing currency and costs to calculate your water loss

Leak Detector is capable of calculating your estimated loss of water from identified and registered leaks. This video will demonstrate how to tailor the water loss calculation to fit your business by configuring both the cost of producing water to fit your cost, and by matching the currency to the one you use.

How to: Configure your noise based warning level

Leak Detector can show you what meters’ noise levels are getting too high compared to a threshold set by you. This video will demonstrate how to configure this threshold to match a level suitable for you distribution network.