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Are water metering and billing taking up too much of your time? Do meter reading, follow-ups or leaks/bursts cause unnecessary costs and servicing in the properties you manage and their residents? Let us make your workday easier for you. READy meter reading system takes your water metering to a new level by making the job faster, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Benefits of the READy remote reading system:

1) You save time

  • READy frees up work, so you can concentrate on other important tasks – no more time-consuming manual readings.
  • READy ensures fast and reliable collection of meter data from all apartments at once – no more tedious planning.
  • READy offers fast, precise and reliable consumption data from every meter – no more following up on incomplete or inaccurate readings.
  • READy allows you to export consumption data directly to your billing system with only a few clicks – no more difficult data transfers or need for additional systems.

2) You save money

  • Real-time data provide you with essential insights for optimising operations tasks. This allows you to prioritise maintenance according to urgency and tackle issues in due time.
  • In case of leaks, bursts or other irregularities, you are immediately notified by  email/SMS. This way you can act quickly and thereby significantly reduce direct and indirect damage.
  • The data provided by real-time metering enables fair and accurate billing of residents based on actual consumption rather than estimates. This means less time spent on billing and thereby lower administrative costs.

3) You save water

  • Continuous meter readings enable immediate detection of leaks, bursts and other irregularities. This significantly lowers the level of excessive consumption and unnecessary water loss.
  • Real-time monitoring helps you manage water consumption in the different  apartments and take steps needed to reduce it, if necessary.
  • Wasting water needlessly increases the cost of living in residential complexes. 
    Tackling this issue benefits both the environment, your green profile and your residents.

But most important; your workday becomes easier

To make your work hassle-free, you need to have the right tools. Combining our ultrasonic meters with READy means gaining the upper hand: READy ensures the effective and reliable remote reading that our precise and reliable meters need to put their data to the best possible use.

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