The Fast Track to Climate ROI

The COP22 is a forum for action, yet some nations question the importance of thinking green at any price.

The good news is that the intelligent approach to climate investment provides excellent return on investment – probably the safest investment of all in the current economic environment.

Between the utility and the consumer, energy and water is wasted every year. A waste reduction potential around 20-30% is not uncommon. (Customer case stories) Realising this potential could move us one step closer to achieving our climate goals, without sacrificing economic growth or personal comfort.

Many clean-tech companies encourage governments, utilities and house owners to invest in the newest technology and optimise what can be optimized. Investment funding is, however, not unlimited and to reach our ambitious goals, we need something to guide our investment to the areas with the biggest potential. 

The intelligent utility network gives us eyes below the ground and allows us to target our efforts, for example by replacing pipes or cables or retrofitting buildings where the saving potential gives the best return. The number of good case stories, where local heroes at the utilities use their metering data to eliminate waste, is growing rapidly. The technology is available today – and in many places already installed. With a minimal effort, many bigger cities could change the yearly reading for invoicing to an hourly monitoring of their electricity, district heating or water network. From that we would gain the insight to make intelligent decisions on our climate investment just like we do, when companies optimise their production or e-business solutions – based on facts.

When COP22 calls for action, Kamstrup calls for intelligent utility networks that enable us to go further and faster with the available climate funding. We move forward in close partnership with innovative utilities, cutting-edge technology companies and well-established clean-tech organisations, with a dedication to create the future, data-driven solutions.  

Once the world sees that thinking green resonates as much with the color of the dollar bill as with the color of the environment, we have started a movement that will benefit the local societies, investors and all the dedicated people involved in making this happen.

Jesper Daugaard, Vice President Nordic Region

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