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Kamstrup introduces new solution for monitoring flow and pressure in the distribution network

Kamstrup’s latest smart metering solution consists of three new products that unlock new possibilities for collecting and processing data on consumption, pressure and water loss in the distribution network:
A new pressure sensor, a new solution for district metering and a significant update of the popular READy meter reading system with new tools for data processing and analysis.
With this new smart metering solution, utilities will be able to focus their troubleshooting and take action where the need is greatest.

Leaks are identified faster, water loss is minimized and the pressure can be optimised to ensure customer satisfaction, minimize energy consumption and lower the number of bursts.

District metering


Kamstrup’s new solution for district metering allows water utilities to section their distribution network and thus target their troubleshooting. 
Moreover, the solution creates the optimal basis for analysis of both water loss and night time consumption. The solution consists of a MAG8000 water meter connected to a READy Gateway communication unit.

READy Manager

Kamstrup has upgraded the popular READy meter reading system and the associated program for data analysis and visualisation, READy Manager. The upgrade will enable water utilities to maximise data utilisation and focus their efforts where the need and the gain is greatest. 
Among other things, you get access to: 
• Knowledge about the amount of water lost
• Pressure and pressure surge surveillance
• Visualisation of consumption connected with alarms
• Priority readings every 5 minute of up to 50 meters
• Geographical overview of network and meters via build-in Google map

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