Enlit Europe 2024

*Kamstrup’s final Enlit tagline* 

More than ever, there is an urgent need to build a sustainable future. Our commitment to deliver actionable insights drives us to help our customers reduce water waste, increase energy efficiency, and manage increased electrification. If we know the best way to act, we will make the biggest impact. Together, we pave the way for a sustainable future.

Kamstrup at Enlit Europe 2024 

At this year’s event, the Kamstrup booth will contain the very best from both our electricity and water divisions. From market-leading leak detection to top-end grid management, we want to show how smart solutions pave the way for transitioning to sustainable energy and water supplies.
Ahead of Enlit Europe 2024, we will continuously unveil our plans for the exhibition and what we will bring to the Kamstrup booth. To stay tuned, sign up for our free newsletter where we also provide regular updates on how our smart solutions help driving the transition towards digitalised energy and water management.

Staying ahead of the increased electrification

Across society, our reliance on electricity is increasing heavily. To truly transition away from fossil fuels, it is vital that we don’t react hastily, but instead make informed decisions to empower smart and sustainable energy solutions. In close collaboration with our customers, Kamstrup helps future-proofing society by implementing efficient power grids with reduced energy consumption and better integration of renewable energy.

Innovating leak detection for improved water management

Traditionally, leak repairments and pipe maintenance has been an immensely time-consuming challenge for any water utility. However, through cutting-edge technology providing actionable insights into the state of entire distribution networks, leak detection has become incredibly efficient. In close collaboration with our customers, Kamstrup helps utilities make well-informed decisions and protect our water supplies.

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