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Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2018 by Kristan Rokkjær

Don’t try this at home! – 6 creative examples of water meter tamper…

I was visiting a customer when I came across a rare collection of water meters. The collection displayed various attempts to avoid the water bill… - Seeing it made me think of an old Paul Simon hit (“there must be 50 ways to kill your water meter”).  I have shared the 6 most creative examples below for your entertainment. If you have any similar pictures please share them, perhaps we can actually get to 50.

#1 Put a screw in it!

#2 Put a nail in it

#2 Put a nail in it

#3 Strap it

#4 Glue it

#5 Put a pin in it!

#6 Pour concrete on it!

Even though these examples might be of a more humorous nature, there is no doubt that in some areas, a substantial amount of the water loss comes from theft of water in one way or the other.

Constantly monitoring for tampering attempts and sending automatic alarms if the meter is removed from its installation are just some of the benefits of modern smart meters.

Besides the more obvious attempts to avoid paying for water, there is a trick used in countries with break- and rooftop tanks. The concept is to throttle the valve so low that the tank is slowly filled without generating enough flow to start the meter. Luckily, this can be avoided with the very low start flows of modern ultrasonic metes.


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