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The STS prepayment solution is all about securing the utility’s income. It keeps track of the consumer’s credit balance and ensures that no power consumption can occur without having been paid for in advance.

Based on the globally recognised STS standard, the solution securely handles the process of adding credit to the balance and ensures proper validation, whether STS tokens are added onsite by the consumer via the keypad or remotely by the utility.

With its ability to handle a variety of tariff structures, the STS prepayment solution can serve as vehicle for increased energy awareness and savings and contribute to achieving a more evenly distributed load.

Prepayment for any need
The STS prepayment solution is available as an offline solution (Basic) or a backend-integrated solution (Extended) with full AMR and remote access in addition to the offline functionality. Both are based on the proven technology of the OMNIPOWER® electricity meter, which offers high precision, low own consumption, and a highly stable UC-3 breaker, crucial to reaping the benefits of a prepayment solution.

Both single-phase and three-phase OMNIPOWER® electricity meters are certified STS compliant with the certification numbers STS-472 (OMNIPOWER® single phase) and STS-505 (OMNIPOWER® three phase).

Brought to you by an innovative partnership

Since the beginning of 2017, Kamstrup has delivered 50,000 OMNIPOWER® smart electricity meters with backend-integrated STS prepayment to Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in collaboration with NURI Telecom. The solution is tailored to the needs of the African market, as it benefits both consumers and utility by reducing energy and revenue losses and providing consumers with the best possible service.

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