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”The trust from my colleagues is one of the most important aspects of my job. It motivates me to take on challenging tasks where I can immerse myself and develop a smart and effective solution.”

Kasper Weiland Mortensen, Software Development Engineer
Kasper Weiland Mortensen
Kasper Weiland Mortensen

Kasper Weiland Mortensen, Software Development Engineer

My career in Kamstrup started with an internship which inspired me to apply for my current position. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering, and I work with developing and testing new software for the firmware in our electricity meters.

In my current job I still use a great deal of the theoretical and technical knowledge from my degree on a high level. The most important skill I’ve taken with me from my degree, however, is the ability to acquire new knowledge in unknown areas, as well as working in a structured and detail-oriented way. It is furthermore essential that you can work both independently and in a team; because if you really want to push the development, it won’t be with a ‘one-man-army’.

Innovation and development are paramount at Kamstrup, which also defines my role as a development engineer. There’s rich opportunity for professional sparring, and there’s a great deal of freedom and trust. This means that the culture is also flexible and pleasant. Kamstrup’s size and culture also means that there is rich opportunity for internal rotation, and therefore also for further developing oneself and one’s competences.

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