"I work at a high theoretical level and being able to see my work in praxis - that is motivating."

Paul Bendixen, Development Engineer

Paul Bendixen, Development Engineer

I started working at Kamstrup shortly after finishing my education. At Kamstrup, I get to work with exciting areas that you do not necessarily think about in the everyday life. This means that you really get a chance to apply the theoretical foundation that you have gained from studying. 

What is exciting about my job in particular is that you get to have the great, theoretical overview on big, simulation heavy tasks, instead of just making an algorithm to pass on. I oversee the processes from start to finish.

Kamstrup is a relatively big company. This means that there are many opportunities for professional sparring and great freedom to influence the direction you want go and the areas of work that interests you. If you are focused and dedicated to what you do, it is great to be a part of Kamstrup. 

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Kamstrup is a versatile workplace with professional groups within both development, production, economics, sales, marketing and purchasing.
We appreciate the diversity as it creates a great dynamic in the work environment. Read stories from our employees below.
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